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Sco­per­te in Bra­si­le, le so­rel­le Ba­war so­no la new sen­sa­tion del­la mo­da sen­za con­fi­ni Di­sco­ve­red in Bra­zil, the Ba­war si­sters are the new sen­sa­tion in fa­shion wi­thout bor­ders

VOGUE Bambini - - COVER LINE - by Ila­ria Bel­lan­to­ni

È che so­no na­te nel­la par­te giu­sta del mon­do, La­ra e Ma­ra Ba­war, mo­del­le, 12 an­ni da San Pao­lo, Bra­si­le. Se­gni par­ti­co­la­ri: ge­mel­le al­bi­ne di straor­di­na­ria bel­lez­za. A sco­prir­le è sta­to Vi­ni­cius Ter­ra­no­va, fo­to­gra­fo sviz­ze­ro ven­ti­seien­ne che a lo­ro e al­la so­rel­la mag­gio­re Shei­la, 14, ha de­di­ca­to il pro­get­to Flo­res Ra­ras, scat­ti di una poe­sia ra­ra e po­ten­te: “Vo­le­vo ani­ma­re il dibattito nell’ar­te e la mo­da, di­mo­stra­re che la di­ver­si­tà non è un con­cet­to ne­ga­ti­vo”. In­fat­ti le due pre­a­do­le­scen­ti dal­la pel­le di por­cel­la­na so­no di­ven­ta­te all’istan­te ce­le­bri­tà da qua­si 100mi­la fol­lo­wer su In­sta­gram con una in­fluen­cer co­me Wil­low Smi­th (la fi­glia se­di­cen­ne di Will) tra i fan. “Crescere co­sì è sta­to in­cre­di­bi­le. Ci pia­ce es­se­re uni­che”. I ge­ni­to­ri so­no ori­gi­na­ri del­la Gui­nea Bis­sau, pae­se dell’Afri­ca oc­ci­den­ta­le do­ve gli al­bi­ni ven­go­no mas­sa­cra­ti a cau­sa di cru­de­li cre­den­ze po­po­la­ri. Il fat­to che le Ba­war si­sters stia­no fa­cen­do im­paz­zi­re In­ter­net e che sul­la lo­ro fa­mi­glia in Ger­ma­nia si gi­ri­no do­cu­men­ta­ri è la pro­va che qual­co­sa sta, fi­nal- men­te, cam­bian­do. Non a caso le ge­mel­li­ne si stan­no pre­pa­ran­do per con­qui­sta­re il pia­ne­ta con un... di­sco. Il che ac­ca­drà a ini­zio 2018. E Shei­la? Pa­re che stia per di­ven­ta­re la nuo­va Nao­mi Cam­p­bell.Au­gu­ri.

Twel­ve-year-old mo­dels La­ra and Ma­ra Ba­war from Sao Pao­lo we­re born in the right part of the world. Their di­stin­gui­shing trai­ts: they are gor­geous al­bi­no twins. They we­re di­sco­ve­red by Vi­ni­cius Ter­ra­no­va, a 26-year-old Swiss pho­to­gra­pher who de­di­ca­ted to them and their 14-year-old si­ster Shei­la the ‘Flo­res Ra­ras’ pro­ject fea­tu­ring poe­tic pho­tos of ra­re and po­wer­ful beau­ty: ‘I wan­ted to ani­ma­te the de­ba­te bet­ween art and fa­shion to show that di­ver­si­ty is not a ne­ga­ti­ve con­cept.’ In fact, the two pre-teens with por­ce­lain skin ha­ve be­co­me ce­le­bri­ties with 100,000 fol­lo­wers on In­sta­gram and an in­fluen­cer li­ke Wil­low Smi­th (Will’s 16-yea­rold daughter) among their fans. ‘Being this way is in­cre­di­ble. We lo­ve being uni­que.’ Their pa­ren­ts co­me from Gui­nea Bis­sau, a coun­try in We­stern Afri­ca whe­re al­bi­nos are mur­de­red due to cruel po­pu­lar be­liefs. The fact that the Ba­war si­sters are a web phe­no­me­non and do­cu­men­ta­ries are being made in Ger­ma­ny about them pro­ves that so­me­thing is fi­nal­ly chan­ging. In fact, the twins are about to con­quer the pla­net with a CD, whi­ch will be laun­ched in 2018. What about Shei­la? She’s on the brink of be­co­ming the new Nao­mi Cam­p­bell. Be­st of luck!

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