VOGUE Bambini - - COVER LINE -

No­vi­tà per la col­le­zio­ne 2018 Tri­lo­gy: la ver­sio­ne Vil­la­ge De­nim con im­pun­tu­re in fi­lo a con­tra­sto bian­co e ta­bac­co, a si­mu­la­re le ca­rat­te­ri­sti­che di un 5 ta­sche e det­ta­gli in si­mil­pel­le co­lor cuo­io.

New for the 2018 Tri­lo­gy col­lec­tion: the Vil­la­ge De­nim ver­sion with top-stit­ching in con­tra­sting whi­te and to­bac­co th­read to si­mu­la­te the cha­rac­te­ri­stics of fi­ve-poc­ket jeans with tan faux lea­ther trim.

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