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Sie­te tut­ti fan di Paw Pa­trol e aman­ti del­le no­vi­tà tec­no­lo­gi­che? Al­lo­ra non po­te­te per­der­vi que­sto di­ver­ten­tis­si­mo pad par­lan­te che pro­po­ne ben se­di­ci di­ver­se at­ti­vi­tà per gio­ca­re e im­pa­ra­re con Ry­der e i suoi ami­ci cuc­cio­li.

Are you all fans of Paw Pa­trol and lo­ve the la­te­st tech­no­lo­gi­cal gi­z­mos? Well, you won’t want to miss this hi­la­rious tal­king pad that of­fers six­teen dif­fe­rent ac­ti­vi­ties for play­ing and lear­ning with Ry­der and his young four-foo­ted friends.

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