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Vi­co­li la­stri­ca­ti e fi­le di cot­ta­ge pa­stel­lo. Sia­mo nel quar­tie­re sto­ri­co di Odense, do­ve il pic­co­lo Andersen nac­que e vis­se i pri­mi an­ni del­la sua vi­ta. Ed è qui che nel 1908 è sta­to fon­da­to il Mu­seo de­di­ca­to all’au­to­re. Nel­le va­rie sale so­no mes­se in mo­stra cu­rio­si­tà, do­cu­men­ti, di­se­gni, men­tre nel giar­di­no che ab­brac­cia il mu­seo sal­go­no sul pal­co ope­re tea­tra­li ispi­ra­te al­le sue fia­be. Cob­ble­sto­ne stree­ts and ro­ws of pastel-co­lo­red cot­ta­ges are found in the hi­sto­ric di­strict of Odense whe­re Hans was born and spent his chil­d­hood. The di­strict is al­so ho­me to the mu­seum de­di­ca­ted to the au­thor that was first esta­bli­shed in 1908. Cu­rio­si­ties, do­cu­men­ts and il­lu­stra­tions are on di­splay in the va­rious rooms and the gar­den has a sta­ge whe­re plays in­spi­red by Andersen’s fai­ry ta­les are per­for­med.

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