First Ho­tel Grand

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Sto­ri­co al­ber­go fon­da­to nel 1897, il First Ho­tel Grand sor­ge in una posizione stra­te­gi­ca per vi­si­ta­re la pic­co­la cit­tà. Co­la­zio­ni ge­ne­ro­se, ca­me­re mo­der­ne, e det­ta­gli che ri­cor­da­no epo­che lon­ta­ne, a co­min­cia­re dal­la sug­ge­sti­va fac­cia­ta a mat­ton­ci­ni. This hi­sto­ric ho­tel esta­bli­shed in 1897 is in the per­fect lo­ca­tion for vi­si­ting the to­wn. It of­fers la­vi­sh break­fasts, modern rooms, and de­tails that re­mind you of an­cient days, star­ting with the stri­king brick faça­de. rstho­

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