Un­der Lin­de­træet

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A po­chi pas­si dal Mu­seo di Andersen, nell’an­ti­ca Odense, Un­der Lin­de­træet è uno sto­ri­co ri­sto­ran­te che ac­co­glie gli ospi­ti tra mu­ra cen­te­na­rie e mas­si­ma cu­ra da­ne­se. Du­ran­te il wee­kend ven­go­no ser­vi­ti brun­ch pre­li­ba­ti e non man­ca­no mai le pro­po­ste per i bam­bi­ni. Da as­sag­gia­re il pa­ne, rea­liz­za­to se­con­do le tra­di­zio­ni del­la pa­net­te­ria che ha pre­ce­du­to il ri­sto­ran­te, e il sal­mo­ne af­fu­mi­ca­to in-hou­se. Ju­st a short di­stan­ce from the Andersen Mu­seum in the old di­strict of Odense, Un­der Lin­de­træet is a hi­sto­ri­cal re­stau­rant that wel­co­mes guests wi­thin its cen­tu­ries-old walls and of­fers ou­tstan­ding Da­ni­sh ho­spi­ta­li­ty. De­li­cious brun­ches are ser­ved on the wee­kend and the­re is no lack of de­li­cious di­shes for chil­dren. Ma­ke su­re you ta­ste the bread, whi­ch is made ac­cor­ding to the traditional re­ci­pe of the ba­ke­ry that pre­ce­ded the re­stau­rant, and the sal­mon that is smo­ked in-hou­se. un­der­lin­de­traet.dk

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