A que­stion OF TALENT

VOGUE Bambini - - COVER LINE - by De­ni­se Fri­ge­rio

Flair, ima­gi­na­tion, crea­ti­vi­ty and pe­rhaps a tou­ch of (heal­thy) mad­ness. Talent is an ex­pres­sion of the mind and heart that can­not be de­scri­bed with words, but is on­ly ex­pres­sed th­rou­gh crea­tion. The­re are kno­wn talents en­te­ring the kid­swear sec­tor for the first ti­me, others to be di­sco­ve­red on the world wi­de web, and still others at­ten­ding de­si­gn school. He­re are the ones we found in Ita­ly and abroad

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