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Sara Con­cet­ti ha 33 an­ni, vie­ne dal­le Mar­che ma ha vis­su­to a Ro­ma, a Mi­la­no e un po’ qua e là in Europa. Die­ci an­ni nel mar­ke­ting e poi il tra­sfe­ri­men­to a Pa­ri­gi, la na­sci­ta del­la sua se­con­da bim­ba e l’idea di lan­cia­re un pro­get­to da 20 an­ni nel­la sua men­te: Pic­co­lo Made in Ita­ly, un e-shop che oggi ha sei me­si. I suoi so­no ca­pi made in Ita­ly con­fe­zio­na­ti in un la­bo­ra­to­rio li­gu­re, pen­sa­to e crea­to da don­ne, ogni col­le­zio­ne è ac­com­pa­gna­ta da un’il­lu­stra­zio­ne che rac­con­ta una me­ra­vi­glia ita­lia­na, (per il pros­si­mo in­ver­no sa­rà Ve­ne­zia), e le crea­zio­ni so­no spe­di­te con una va­li­get­ta per­so­na­liz­za­ta di ispi­ra­zio­ne ré­tro: su­per. Sara Con­cet­ti is thir­ty-th­ree years old. She was born in the Mar­che re­gion but has li­ved in Ro­me, Milan and dif­fe­rent pla­ces in Eu­ro­pe. She wor­ked for ten years in mar­ke­ting and then mo­ved to Pa­ris, had her se­cond daughter, and got the idea to laun­ch a pro­ject that she was thin­king about for 20 years: Pic­co­lo Made in Ita­ly, an e-shop that is now six mon­ths old. Its gar­men­ts made in Ita­ly (in a Li­gu­rian work­shop) we­re de­si­gned and crea­ted by wo­men. Ea­ch col­lec­tion is ac­com­pa­nied by an il­lu­stra­tion that por­trays an Ita­lian mar­vel (it will be Ve­ni­ce next win­ter), and the crea­tions are ship­ped in a su­per re­tro-sty­le cu­sto­mi­zed ca­se.

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