Atrack­tion by Al­ba

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Quan­do è na­ta sua fi­glia, Ma­j­ken Ban­ke Ova ha de­ci­so che l’avreb­be ve­sti­ta di co­lo­ri ac­ce­si, con tes­su­ti di al­ta qua­li­tà e li­nee fa­ci­li da ve­sti­re. E ha de­ci­so di far­li da so­la. Co­sì ha fon­da­to Al­ba of Den­mark e da lì, con la sua pri­ma col­le­zio­ne pre­sen­ta­ta que­st’an­no, Atrack­tion by Al­ba per ra­gaz­zi e ragazze. I trat­ti di­stin­ti­vi? Gio­chi di tra­me, ab­bi­na­men­ti di stam­pe e un toc­co glam.

When her daughter was born, Ma­j­ken Ban­ke Ova de­ci­ded she would ha­ve dres­sed her in vi­brant co­lors, using hi­gh qua­li­ty fa­brics and ea­sy­wear li­nes. And she de­ci­ded to ma­ke the­se clo­thes her­self. This led to Al­ba of Den­mark and, from the­re, with the first col­lec­tion pre­sen­ted this year: Atrack­tion by Al­ba. What are its di­stinc­ti­ve fea­tu­res? Textures and pat­terns, a com­bi­na­tion of prin­ts and glam tou­ches.

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