car­to­li­ne ani­ma­te


L’idea è dell’ar­ti­sta giap­po­ne­se Ju­lie Ste­phen Ch­heng, che ha sa­pu­to uni­re il ri­to del­la clas­si­ca car­to­li­na al­le ul­ti­me tec­no­lo­gie di­gi­ta­li, crean­do una col­le­zio­ne di ma­gi­cal post­cards che pren­do­no vi­ta gra­zie al­la real­tà au­men­ta­ta! Le car­to­li­ne, che pos­so­no an­che es­se­re per­so­na­liz­za­te, si spe­di­sco­no via po­sta con un tra­di­zio­na­le mes­sag­gio scrit­to a ma­no. La ve­ra sor­pre­sa si avrà quan­do, do­po aver sca­ri­ca­to l’App gra­tui­ta Mo­ving Cards, in­qua­dran­do l’il­lu­stra­zio­ne sul­la card, le im­ma­gi­ni si muo­ve­ran­no per rac­con­ta­re una sto­ria nuo­va e per­so­na­lis­si­ma! The idea is by Ja­pa­ne­se ar­ti­st Ju­lie Ste­phen Ch­heng, who com­bi­ned the clas­sic card with the la­te­st di­gi­tal tech­no­lo­gies, crea­ting a col­lec­tion of ma­gi­cal post­cards that co­me to li­fe th­rou­gh aug­men­ted reality! The cards, whi­ch can al­so be per­so­na­li­zed, are sent by snail mail li­ke a traditional hand­w­rit­ten card. The real sur­pri­se ar­ri­ves when, af­ter do­wn­loa­ding the free Mo­ving Cards app and fo­cu­sing on the il­lu­stra­tion, the images will mo­ve to tell a new and ve­ry personal sto­ry!

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