A snap­shot of an un­pa­ral­le­led mo­ment in men­swear

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Chan­ge is eve­ry­whe­re! The ru­n­ways will soon re­veal the re­sul­ts of the mo­st swee­ping crea­ti­ve chan­ge in the re­cent hi­sto­ry of men­swear. Sin­ce the start of this year, f ive of its grea­te­st de­si­gn stars ha­ve jum­ped from their esta­bli­shed hou­ses to new and so­me­ti­mes sur­pri­sing jobs. For a f ir­st-per­son snap­shot of this un­pa­ral­le­led mo­ment of re­newal and di­srup­tion, L’Uo­mo Vo­gue asked a fa­mous fan, friend, col­la­bo­ra­tor (or all th­ree) of ea­ch de­si­gner to gi­ve us their thoughts on the t ask ea­ch one fa­ces - as well as what ex­ci­tes them mo­st about the re­vo­lu­tion ahead.

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