The New Ho­me Of Lu­xu­ry And Fa­shion In Qa­tar

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The fu­tu­ri­stic Pla­ce Ven­dô­me pro­ject, whi­ch will of­fer a “lu­xu­ry and fa­shion ex­pe­rien­ce” in Lu­sail Ci­ty, Qa­tar, is al­mo­st com­ple­te. The neo­clas­si­cal-sty­le mall wi­th up to 600 re­tail sto­res and an area de­di­ca­ted to lu­xu­ry brands, has been crea­ted by Uni­ted De­ve­lo­pers. It has been con­cep­tua­li­zed as a de­sti­na­tion for lei­su­re, li­fe­sty­le and lu­xu­ry. Pla­ce Ven­dô­me will al­so fea­tu­re a ca­nal run­ning th­rou­gh it di­rec­tly from the sea, ma­king for a gor­geous open pla­za ex­pe­rien­ce wi­th ca­fes and re­stau­ran­ts over­loo­king the wa­ter. The two fi­ve-star ho­tels and ser­vi­ced apart­men­ts’ com­plex will be ope­ra­ted by Le Mé­ri­dien Lu­sail and the Lu­xu­ry Col­lec­tion Ho­tel. The ho­tels are set to de­li­ver a lu­xu­rious and au­then­tic ex­pe­rien­ce that ali­gns wi­th the Pla­ce Ven­dô­me brand. A de­le­ga­tion from LVMH, led by Pre­si­dent and CEO Ber­nard Ar­nault, re­cen­tly vi­si­ted he­re. The fa­shion world has sho­wn great in­te­re­st in this pro­ject sin­ce its ve­ry fir­st pha­ses, im­me­dia­te­ly pic­king up on the op­por­tu­ni­ties of­fe­red by an ex­pan­ding, gro­wing mar­ket li­ke Qa­tar, wi­th one of the hi­ghe­st per ca­pi­ta GDPs in the world. The pro­ject’s ties wi­th Con­dé Na­st In­ter­na­tio­nal are al­so strong. For the four­th year in a row, Pla­ce Ven­dô­me was a part­ner in the Con­dé Na­st Lu­xu­ry Con­fe­ren­ce, and will be a fea­tu­red ele­ment of Mi­lan’s Fa­shion Week. Vo­gue Ita­lia and the Azzedine Alaïa As­so­cia­tion along wi­th Pla­ce Ven­dô­me are put­ting on the ex­hi­bi­tion en­ti­tled “Azzedine Alaïa. Cou­tu­re Sculp­tu­re” cu­ra­ted by Oli­vier Sail­lard. The ex­hi­bi­tion will be open from Sept. 21 to Sept. 25 at Pa­laz­zo Cle­ri­ci from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Vi­si­tors will be able to walk un­der Tie­po­lo’s “Cha­riot of the Sun” fre­sco, whi­ch is a cro­w­ning achie­ve­ment — ju­st li­ke Pla­ce Ven­dô­me Qa­tar, whi­ch will soon be inau­gu­ra­ted.

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