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Ambrosiana, Pic­ture Gallery and Li­brary

The Ambrosiana pic­ture gallery con­tains sev­eral ex­quis­ite works of art from the 15th through 17th cen­turies and in­cludes “The Mu­si­cian”, at­trib­uted to Leonardo, Raphael's car­toon for the “School of Athens” fresco and Car­avag­gio's “Bas­ket of Fruit”. The Ambrosiana li­brary con­tains one mil­lion books in­clud­ing manuscripts and prints. Pi­azza Pio XI, 2. T: 02 806921. M1-M3 Duomo, M1 Cor­du­sio. Map F5

Castello Sforzesco

The an­cient seat of the rul­ing Vis­conti, it houses a num­ber of in­ter­est­ing mu­se­ums and li­braries. Its park is a favourite with old and young alike. Open daily 7am-6pm (win­ter time); 7am-7.30pm (sum­mer time); Thurs 7am-10.30pm. Free ad­mis­sion. www.mi­ Pi­azza Castello. M1-M2 Cadorna FN, M1 Cairoli, M2 Lanza. Map E4

Cimitero Mon­u­men­tale

A real out­door mu­seum cater­ing, on the one hand, to the whims of the elite of Mi­lan's so­ci­ety and, on the other, to works of art by fa­mous sculp­tors of var­i­ous eras. Among the no­ta­bles buried here are Alessan­dro Man­zoni and Ar­turo Toscanini. Open Tues-Sun from 8am-6pm.­mune.mi­ Pi­az­zale Cimitero Mon­u­men­tale. T: 02 88465600. M2-M5 Garibaldi FS, M5 Mon­u­men­tale. Map E1


Among one of the most im­por­tant Gothic build­ings in the world, the church, con­structed on and off over a pe­riod of 450 years (be­gun 1386) is the sym­bol of Mi­lan. The cathe­dral is open daily 8am-7pm. The re­cently ren­o­vated Museo del Duomo (10am-6pm) houses hun­dreds of works of art dat­ing from the 15th cen­tury to the present day. MA­JES­TIC TER­RACES To ex­pe­ri­ence the Duomo at its most ma­jes­tic you must as­cend to the roof (ei­ther by el­e­va­tor or by steps) where you will be sur­rounded by an out­burst of pin­na­cles and the famed golden “Madon­nina”. www.duo­momi­ Pi­azza Duomo. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F4 FREE WITH

Gal­le­ria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Gal­le­ria with its el­e­gant, four-storey ar­cade, hous­ing over 55 lux­ury cafés and fa­mous de­signer shops, is cov­ered by a glass bar­rel vault and a beau­ti­ful glass cupola and mea­sures 196 me­tres in length. Tra­di­tion has it that plac­ing your right heel on the bull, de­picted in the mo­saic on the floor, and then spin­ning around in­side it, will bring good luck. Don't miss the Leonardo3-The World of Leonardo da Vinci ex­hi­bi­tion with new dis­cov­er­ies: codices, ma­chines, paint­ings and draw­ings (from Pi­azza della Scala at the en­trance of the Gal­le­ria. Au­dio guide in Chi­nese, English, French, Ger­man, Ital­ian, Por­tuguese, Rus­sian and Span­ish. Open daily 9.30am-10.30pm. T: 02 49519981. Map F4

Last Sup­per (The)

One of the most fa­mous at­trac­tions in the world, the “Ce­na­colo” by Leonardo da Vinci is a large 15th cen­tury mu­ral paintig representing the scene of the last sup­per of Je­sus nar­rated in the Gospel. It can be found in the church of Santa Maria delle Gra­zie. Reser­va­tion re­quired. www. ce­na­colovin­ Pi­azza Santa Maria delle Gra­zie, 2. T: 02 92800360. M1-M2 Cadorna FN, M1 Con­cil­i­azione. Map D4 FREE WITH

Montenapoleone District

Mi­lan is known as one of the shop­ping cap­i­tals of the world and via Montenapoleone, to­gether with the Golden Quad is en­tirely given over to lux­ury shop­ping. Here the most im­por­tant fash­ion de­sign­ers of­fer their cre­ations. M3 Montenapoleone, M1 San Ba­bila. Map F4-G4

Navigli District

The Navigli are a wide­spread net­work of canals whose his­tory is linked to the ge­nius of Leonardo da Vinci. One of the most vi­brant dis­tricts in the city, it boasts small ar­ti­san work­shops and painter's stu­dios rem­i­nis­cent of those found on the left bank in Paris. Don't miss a visit to the new Darsena, re­cently re­newed. Alzaia Nav­iglio Grande, 4. M2 Porta Gen­ova FS. Map E6

Porta Nuova District

Three glass tow­ers and a pi­azza el­e­vated six me­tres above the street, near the Garibaldi Rail­way Sta­tion and the ul­tra-trendy Corso Como: the scenic pi­azza Gae Au­lenti is an in­no­va­tive busi­ness hub host­ing new bou­tiques. Via Mel­chiorre Gioia-Corso Como and sur­round­ing area. M2-M5 Garibaldi FS. Map F2

St. Am­brose Basil­ica

One of the most an­cient churches in Mi­lan, it was built by St Am­brose (pa­tron of the city) in 379-386 A.D., in an area where nu­mer­ous mar­tyrs had been buried. The church is a won­der­ful ex­am­ple of Ro­manesque style. Free ad­mis­sion. www. basil­i­cas­an­tam­bro­ Pi­azza Sant'Am­bro­gio, 15. T: 02 86450895. M2 Sant'Am­bro­gio. Map E5

Teatro alla Scala

A few steps from the Duomo, the Teatro alla Scala - de­signed by Pier­marini - was in­au­gu­rated in 1778 with an opera by An­to­nio Salieri. Most of Italy's great­est op­er­atic artists and many of the finest singers from around the world have ap­peared at La Scala dur­ing the past 200 years. Ly­ing ad­ja­cent to the theatre, the Museo Teatrale ( FREE WITH ) and the Scala Shop (T: 02 45483257) are not to be missed des­ti­na­tions for bal­let and opera lovers.

www.teatroal­las­ Pi­azza della Scala. T: 02 72003744. M1-M3 Duomo, M3 Montenapoleone. Map F4

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