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Ci­tysight­see­ing Naples - ( 48 hour HOP ON HOP OFF ticket) via Paolo Emilio Im­bri­ani, 32. T: 081.5517279 www. napoli. city- sight­see­ing. it de­par­tures: Pi­azza Mu­nici­pio, Largo Castello By train For the en­trance to Porta Ma­rina and Pi­azza Ese­dra, Pom­peii, Cir­cum­vesu­viana Naples- Sor­rento ( Pom­peii Villa dei Mis­teri stop; For the en­trance to Pi­azza An­fiteatro, Pom­peii, Pom­pei San­tu­ario Stop; for Her­cu­la­neum, Her­cu­la­neum stop; for Oplon­tis, Torre An­nun­zi­ata stop By bus from Naples and from Salerno By car A3 Naples- Salerno ( Pom­peii exit to Pom­peii; Her­cu­la­neum exit to Her­cu­la­neum; Torre An­nun­zi­ata Sud exit to Oplon­tis)

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