Maria Car­men Morese

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What is your favourite Neapoli­tan tra­di­tion? Pizza! Pizze­rias started open­ing in Ber­lin in the 90s and, as young­sters, our favourite sport was look­ing for a good one. There were no cell phones. We made ap­point­ments to meet up by leav­ing notes on the doorsteps of our friends’ homes or mak­ing plans at the Univer­sity. What is the place ‘ dear­est to your heart’ in Naples? Castel dell’Ovo. In par­tic­u­lar one cor­ner: when you’re walk­ing along the Lun­go­mare at one point the road curves and you can see both Castel dell’Ovo and Ve­su­vius. From that an­gle Ve­su­vius gives the im­pres­sion of be­ing enor­mous, it is sil­hou­et­ted against the sky, it’s huge. It al­most seems to em­brace Naples in a hug.

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