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The tiny ar­chi­pel­ago of Li Galli is sit­u­ated ap­prox­i­mately three miles off the coast of Posi­tano. Part of the pro­tected ma­rine area of Punta Cam­panella, it is formed by three is­lands, Gallo lungo, the largest, La ro­tonda and La Castel­luc­cia. The ar­chi­pel­ago which, ac­cord­ing to leg­end, was once in­hab­ited by sirens, was pur­chased in the 1920s by Rus­sian bal­let dancer and chore­og­ra­pher Leonide Mas­sine who built a theatre and villa on it. A decade af­ter his death, Li Galli was bought by an­other Rus­sian dancer, Ru­dolph

Nureyev who planned to open a bal­let school on the is­land. His un­timely death pre­vented him from ful­fill­ing his dream and, in 1988, the is­land was once again un­in­hab­ited. Since 1993, it has been owned by an in­dus­tri­al­ist from Sor­rento who bought it for the princely sum of five

bil­lion lire. Li Galli has hosted a ros­ter of celebri­ties in­clud­ing Greta Garbo, Roberto Ros­sellini, Anna Mag­nani, In­grid Bergman, Jac­que­line Kennedy, Aris­totele Onas­sis,

Hil­lary Clin­ton and Franco Zef­firelli. To­day, the ar­chi­pel­ago can only be reached by pri­vate boat. Although the is­lands are tiny and im­per­vi­ous, the beauty of their crys­tal-clear wa­ters and mag­nif­i­cent sur­round­ing scenery are well worth a visit. The ar­chi­pel­ago is also in­hab­ited by a rare species of light blue lizard, now al­most ex­tinct.

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