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Land of Arts andTreasur­es t Savelli’s “Arte e Tradizione” we offer art and handicraft­s, precious and innovative souvenirs, religious articles, stamps, jewels, coins, books and more. The charm of tradition and the newest production co-exist in the multitude of items that Savelli Enterprise is able to propose to its clients, Thinks to experience that started in 1898 and is still continuing with passion in the St. Peter’s area. Particular attention is given to mosaic art, with the production of original articles purchase. In the “Savelli Gallery”, you can visit a precious collection of mosaics, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Savelli’s “Colonnato” is also a comfortabl­e and convenient refreshmen­t point, offering typical local dishes and bar service. for Galleria Savelli Savelli Arte e Tradizione Savelli Gift Museo Il Colonnato Religious Articles Mosaic Art Gallery Religious & Gift Shop Mosaici Minuti Romani Restaurant Self Service Piazza Pio XII, 1/2 - Roma Via Paolo VI, 27/29 - Roma Via della Conciliazi­one, 47 - Roma Largo Alicorni, 27 - Roma Piazza Sant’Uffizio, 6 - Roma

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