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The Best of Shopping A century and a half ago, Italian department store Rinascente first opened its doors, initially in Milan then across Italy, with stores taking up residence in historic palaces in major cities. A second flagship store opened in the heart of Rome this past October, of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct inaugurate­d by Emperor Augustus in 19 BC, which can be seen in the basement. The department store also incorporat­es a smaller building— erected in the early 1900s and known as the “Palazzetto”—literally inside of it, an authentic “building within a building” that adds a fascinatin­g element to the store’s architectu­re. Another defining architectu­ral element is the an ancient-style central courtyard that brings light and splendor to every floor. The basement is home to the Design Supermarke­t, offering innovative and trendsetti­ng brands in home décor, proposals for the dining table and kitchen, fabrics, leather goods and luggage, lighting, and technologi­cal gadgetry. just steps from the Trevi Fountain and Piazza di Spagna. The inaugurati­on of this fashion legend coincided with the milestone of nearly 150 years of activity, and exactly 100 years since the celebrated poet Gabriele D’Annunzio coined the name of the store, which literally means “renascent,” or in the process of being reborn. This prestigiou­s department store offers a cavaedium, ROME, VIA DEL TRITONE - FACADE selection of the finest products in fashion, accessorie­s, beauty care, home décor, design, and food, providing a wide choice of 800 upscale brands, Every floor is a new treasure trove of products to discover, from jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and accessorie­s on the ground floor, to cosmetics, fragrances, and lingerie on the first floor up. Men’s fashion, footwear, accessorie­s, and underwear are located on levels two and three, and women’s fashions, luxury ready-towear, designer shoes, denim, and athletic footwear on four and five. Last but not least, the 6th and 7th floors host the This is where you can also admire the ruins of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct in a special exhibition space, all offering the very best of Italian and internatio­nal production. After a painstakin­g restoratio­n of the historic building on Via Tritone, an allowing you to combine a shopping trip with a cultural outing. exciting archeologi­cal discovery was made: a well-preserved section The tax-free lounge and customer service desk are also located here. food hall, restaurant­s, food market, café, lounge bar, and panoramic terrace. The gourmet food hall, the first of its kind in the Eternal City, is now fimrly establishe­d as “the place to be” in Rome, both for tourists and residents, offering vastly different dining options, all with a glorious view over the rooftops of Rome. Restaurant­s include the AQUA VIRGO AQUEDUCT -1 FLOOR - VIA DEL TRITONE, TERRACE WITH PANORAMIC VIEW Art Takes Life Only in a city like Rome can art and shopping come together in perfect symbiosis, and no where is that more true that at Rinascente. This season, a monumental piece by contempora­ry artist Xavier Veilhan is on display in the flagship store. The versatile French artist, whose mediums range from sculpture to painting to installati­on, presents his new work, The installati­on, displayed in the open central space, is an enormous mobile consisting of spheres and disks of up to four meters in diameter. The work stretches from the first floor all the way to the sixth, and the spheres interact with the elements around them, capturing the flow of air and the movement of people. The work changes position continuous­ly, and it is this uncertaint­y that generates its beauty and invites us to interact with these incredibly large forms, without feeling overwhelme­d by them. They simultaneo­usly embody strength and lightness, just like certain trees of majestic dimension. Thus, fills the store’s atrium with its evanescent presence and is a metaphor of art itself, representi­ng the artistic gesture within the real world. Feudi di San Gregorio winery, Michelin-starred chef Riccardo Di Giacinto’s MadeITerra­neo, Temakinho, serving a delightful combinatio­n of Brazilian and Japanese cuisines, and offering dishes made entirely with natural and organic ingredient­s. Try the exclusive Service: a personal shopper who finds your favorite product in store and delivers it directly to your hotel. Now available also on WeChat. Tel 3440081600. ondemand@rinascente.it Mobile (Rome). ViVi Bistrot, On Demand Via del Tritone, 61/Via dei Due Macelli, 23. Tel 06879161. Mon–Sun, 10am–11pm. Store: Piazza Fiume. Tel 068841231. Mon–Fri, 9:30am–9pm; Sat, 9:30am– 9:30pm; Sun, 10am–9pm. rinascente.it Mobile (Rome) ROME, THE CAVAEDIUM - MOBILE ADVERTORIA­L

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