Where Rome : 2019-11-01

Where Now : 20 : 18

Where Now

WHERE NOW | DESIGN It’s by Design Everyone knows Milan is the undisputed capital of fashion and all things trendy and new. But Rome, a city that has often been accused of being stuck in the past, holds her own on the design stage. In fact, the Eternal City boasts a number of boutiques of refined contempora­ry taste where you can shop for original design pieces. Here are a few of our favorite spots to purchase furniture and accessorie­s fit for a modern and unique home. B y Fe d e r i c o S c h i a f f i n o Pictured: clockwise from left: Dispensabi­le; Ripetta Design; Mia; Arcon; Boschettot­re. 18 WHERE ROME I NOVEMBER 2019

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