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DINING Picture of Health Half restaurant, half market, Hosteria del Mercato delights with healthy, organic fare. fills you in. Antonella Mastrosant­i In a Renaissanc­e-style garden a short jaunt from Piazza di Spagna lies a charming eatery that wears many hats: restaurant, organic juice bar, tea room, cocktail bar, and organic food market. make up the healthy and satisfying gastronomi­c offering. Even the market’s “junk food” becomes nutritious, organic, and often vegan: things like corn and whole wheat farro, and red lentil, sweet potato, parsnip, beetroot, or carrot chips crowd the shelves. All of the pizzas on tap are made with organic flour and are naturally leavened to preserve their aromas and flavors along with their nutritiona­l properties. The pizza is rolled out by hand with a rolling pin until each disk of dough is paper thin, guaranteei­ng a crispy crust—a hallmark of Roman-style pizza. In the restaurant, gourmet panini, salads, and meat-andcheese boards are listed alongside other more substantia­l dishes, like ravioli with sheep’s milk ricotta and spinach; with zucchini blossoms; sesame encrusted tuna sneak; grilled octopus; steak with black truffle; and for dessert, vanilla crème brulée with blueberrie­s and with meringue and black cherry. Hosteria del Mercato, Hostaria del Mercato’s innovative concept allows guests to either dine at the restaurant or bring home 100% exclusivel­y natural, organic, and sustainabl­e products. Inspired by markets like Queens Road Farmers’ in London, the bio- mercato features goods sourced directly from farms, distinguis­hing it as a place where it is effortless to acquire delicacies from small businesses that have dedicated themselves entirely to the land and the seasons. Fruits and veggies, freshly picked and gathered, cured meats and organic cheeses, pastas made with hemp or legume flour, a rich selection of rices, gluten-free bread, rustic breads naturally leavened and made with ancient grain flours, baguettes baked with a variety of seeds, extra-virgin olive oils, and certified organic wines tonnarelli cacio e pepe zuppa inglese > Via Bocca di Leone, 46. Tel 0669923705. hosteriade­lmercato. it 34 WHERE ROME I NOVEMBER 2019

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