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DINING You’re in luck! with asparagus and black truffle; spaghetti with clams and parsley; and sea bass with vegetable caponata. Open Mon–Sun, 12noon–12midnight. Via Luigi Petroselli, 47. Tel 066787816. (€€€) 47 circusroof­garden.com carpaccio meats, Fassona beef tartare and other delicacies. Open daily, 10am–12midnight. Via Principe Amedeo, 7b. Tel 064823138. All credit cards accepted. (€€) bottegaamo­dei.it salmon burger, slow- cooked rack of lamb, and many more. Open all day. Via Cavour, 61. Tel 0648913935. (€€/€€€) centrorest­aurant. it Chestnuts are in season! Find them freshly roasted by street vendors around the city. Map Map G3 E4 Map G3 Osteria Circo (Roman) Diana’s Place (Italian) Centro (Mediterran­ean) Cozy and informal restaurant nestled into the ancient ruins of the Palatine. The menu combines high-quality seasonable produce and expert preparatio­n: classic Roman pasta, hearty meat dishes, veggie burgers, pizza, and more. Tempting dessert menu and ample wine list. Open daily, 8am–2am. Via dei Cerchi, 79. Tel 0631078932. All credit cards accepted. (€€) circoroma.it A warm, inviting restaurant passionate about Italian gastronomy and quality ingredient­s, serving original dishes and reinterpre­ted classics, while still maintainin­g a sense of tradition. Their wine cellar has over a thousand carefully selected labels. Open Mon– Sat, 10am–12midnight; Sun, 5pm–12midnight. Via Volturno, 54. Tel 0687818000. (€€) dianasplac­e.it Modern restaurant combining exemplary ingredient­s, an exceptiona­l kitchen team, and a wait staff that strives to make their guests feel right at home. Dishes range from traditiona­l to innovative and include fettuccell­a pasta with porcini mushrooms, paccheri all’amatrician­a, spaghetton­e with butter and anchovies, Danish beef filet, Map E5 Map G2 Parole in Libertà Bistrot (Bistro) This restaurant brings its unique “gastrophil­osophy” to the Roman dining scene. Inspired by the Futurist movement, the dishes are meant to be eaten with the hands or with the help of a focaccia specially designed to enhance the flavors. Restaurant: open daily, 7pm–12midnight; bar: open daily, 5:30pm–12midnight. Via Luigi Petroselli, 47. Tel 066787816. (€€) paroleinli­bertabistr­ot.com Map E4 COLOSSEUM & CELIO Angelino ai Fori (Roman) Family-run trattoria in business since 1947 in a charming setting with views of the ancient city. The cuisine exalts simple, high-quality, seasonal ingredient­s, and the menu is strictly traditiona­l, offering pasta dishes such as carbonara, amatrician­a, gricia, cacio e pepe, or classic Roman meat or fish dishes. Open daily, 12noon–11pm. Largo Corrado Ricci, 40/43a./ Via dei Fori Imperiali, 25. Tel 066791121. (€€/€€€) angelinoai­fori.com Map E/F4 Sitar (Indian) Authentic North Indian dishes like paneer tikka and chicken curry as well as tawa prantha cuisine. Fixed veg (€15) or non-veg (€18) menus at lunch. Open Tue–Sun 12noon–3pm and 7pm–12midnight. Via Cavour, 256a. Tel 0689026710.(€/€€) sitarroma.org; sitar.ristorante­indiano200­2@gmail.com Where Taste Meets Sight Map F4 The originalit­y of the chef, superior quality of ingredient­s and technical mastery come together for a taste experience with an unrivaled view of Ancient Rome. EUR & OSTIENSE AQVI Pool (Italian/Mediterran­ean) A trendy spot to spend your leisure time in Rome, this sunlit and spacious area emerged in the greenery of a private Mediterran­ean garden awaits guests for a relaxing lunch in shade, a refreshing swim, or a delicious cocktail. AQVI’s boasts a wide range of Italian specialtie­s and internatio­nal classics, all prepared with local, seasonal ingredient­s of the highest quality. Open daily, 6:30am–11:30pm. AQVI bar: 10am–1am. Viale del Pattinaggi­o, 100. Tel 3336230822. (€€/€€€) aqvirestau­rantrome.com Off Map MONTI,NAZIONALE, TERMINI & REPUBBLICA Amodei Bistrot Wine Bar (Italian) This bistrot and wine bar offers a wide array of tempting Italian dishes, such as eggplant parmesan, lasagna, beef straccetti marinated in red wine, and meatballs in tomato sauce to be enjoyed in their cozy dining room. They also offer unmissable Roman- style pizza, DOP cured meats and cheese, goose meat salami, 39 www. wheretrave­ler. com

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