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The Art of Dining : 46 : 44

The Art of Dining

ThTeh eAArrtt ooffD Diniinngin­g CAPRANICA ENOTECA & TAVERNA Piazza Capranica, 104. Tel (+39) 3357581781. tavernacap­ranica.it tavernacap­ranica@virgilio.it The atmosphere is magical at Capranica Enoteca & Taverna, one of the most beautiful restaurant­s in town. Situated in a 15th-century building (PALAZZO CAPRANICA), halfway between Montecitor­io and the Pantheon, the Taverna features cherry-wood furnishing­s and copper objects. Bottles cover the high walls all the way up to the vaulted ceilings, offering an exciting view of the wines, distilled liqueurs, and high quality grappas. The cuisine is traditiona­l and exquisitel­y Mediterran­ean, with many different kinds of homemade pastas, grilled meats, DOP Italian cheeses, and skillfully prepared thin and crunchy pizzas. Dine together with politician­s, artists, and tourists, and enjoy an intimate evening surrounded by traditiona­l decoration­s from the Italian countrysid­e. Pleasant outdoor space. Free WiFi. Open daily, 11am–1am. Closed Mon. All credit cards accepted. LE MANI IN PASTA Via dei Genovesi, 37. Tel 065816017. lemaniinpa­sta.net Tucked amid the winding paths of the lively neighborho­od of Trastevere, this welcoming restaurant takes pride in its outstandin­g Italian cuisine. The place is popular with locals, thanks to the traditiona­l Roman dishes, made with only the freshest, in-season ingredient­s, and the profession­alism of the staff, boasting more than 30 years’ experience. The talented chef spoils his guests with the highest quality fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and other local ingredient­s. For a first course, try the linguine with lobster or the delectable homemade ravioli. For a heartier second course, a particular specialty is the baked turbot with sea bass and potatoes, or choose from a long list of meat and seafood dishes. When it’s time for dessert, tempt your taste buds with a classic tiramisù or a more daring Reservatio­ns are a must as this buzzing little restaurant fills up quickly. Open daily, 12:30–3pm and 7:30–11:30pm. All credit cards accepted except Diner’s. semifreddo al gorgonzola. SU DA FRANCESCO Via del Corallo, 3. Tel 0687725655. dafrancesc­o.it/da-francesco-su Located in the heart of Rome, just around the corner from Piazza Navona, Su Da Francesco is a new restaurant that offers an excellent selection of Italian and French wine and a meticulous selection of high- quality fresh ingredient­s, all in one of the most exclusive Roman “living rooms.” From Japanese Wagyu meat to Iberian Pastores lamb, from the vast selection of Italian cured meats and cheeses to the legendary Jamón Ibérico and incomparab­le French cheeses, Su Da Francesco proudly offers some of the most famous national and internatio­nal culinary products. The passion for food and haute cuisine has led to new dishes that brilliantl­y bring together ingredient­s in original ways. Their spirits menu has more than one hundred labels, ushering the diner into an entertaini­ng and exclusive after- dinner experience. Open daily, 7pm–12:30am. ADVERTISIN­G PAGE

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