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Mediterran­ean Experience

MEDITERRAN­EAN EXPERIENCE Il Giardino Romano Via del Portico d’Ottavia,18 – Tel 0668809661– ilgiardino­romano.it Located in the heart of the Jewish ghetto, this charming restaurant is a garden abundant with fresh, authentic flavors. Try Roman classics like Jewish-style fried artichokes, barbecued and grilled meats, fried salt cod, pasta oxtail stew, and lamb Or try something more unusual like vegetarian lasagne or artichoke carpaccio. The pasta is always homemade and delicious, and the meat and fish are as fresh as can be. Or try one of their delectable Roman pizzas. End with the heavenly crème caramel or crème brulée. On request, the kitchen will also prepare Egyptian specialtie­s. The ample wine list makes choosing a chore at this lovely and original restaurant. For a romantic, candlelit dinner, request to be seated in the quaint and intimate garden. Open every day except Wed, 12noon–3:30pm and 7–11:30pm. cacio e pepe, trippa alla romana, scottadito. Antica Norcineria al Civico 24 Via della Scrofa, 24 – Tel 0668192695 – anticanorc­ineria.com This delightful oasis of Italian delicacies, located on one of Rome’s most historic streets, Via della Scrofa—just a few steps from famous Piazza Navona—boasts an ancient culinary tradition just waiting to be discovered. Here you can explore authentic flavors of Norcia through tastings and an excellent glass of red or white wine. You can also purchase the tempting delicacies to enjoy later. Choose from a variety of fresh and seasonal products, including, in particular, goodies from Norcia, a small medieval town in Umbria famous for its sausage and cured meats, as well as Italian specialtie­s like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Corallina salami, and wine from Barolo, Chianti, and Brunello di Montalcino. Antica Norcineria constantly stocks its shelves with the precious flavors and rich aromas that tell the story of its territory and delicious history. Open daily, 10am–9pm. All credit cards accepted. Eleonora D’Arborea Corso Trieste, 23 – Tel 0644250943 – ristorante­eleonorada­rborea.com A delicious slice of Sardinia right here in Rome, this elegant yet homey restaurant serves up the traditions and flavors of the island with skill and care. The vast array of antipasti include mullet roe with cream of wild cardoons, shellfish crudité (oysters, hard clams, shrimp, sea urchins, and scampi), and balsamic vinegar tuna. But pasta is the true star of the menu. Try the classic linguine with mildly spicy lobster; pasta with amberjack and cherry tomatoes; potato and sea bass ravioli in mint sauce; or fettuccine with calamari, zucchini flowers, and saffron. In terms of second courses, the entire Mediterran­ean is yours for the taking: angler fish, John Dory fish, amberjack, blue spotted bream, sea bream, sea bass, swordfish, lobster, and more. Don’t miss the fried prawns with the chef’s own mayonnaise. For dessert, try the (a traditiona­l Sardinian pastry) accompanie­d by homemade Filu Ferro & Mirto liqueur. Wine cellar favors Tuscan labels. Open Tue–Sun, 12:30–3:30pm and 7:30–11:30pm. All credit cards accepted. carpacci, paccheri seadas La Taverna del Ghetto Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 8 – Tel 0668809771 – latavernad­elghetto.com Tradition, authentici­ty, and freshness are the notable characteri­stics of La Taverna del Ghetto, a welcoming restaurant in the heart of Rome’s Jewish Ghetto offering gourmets a tempting and tasty menu featuring the best dishes of the Judaeo-Roman cuisine. Among the classic or deliciousl­y creative proposals on the menu, don’t miss (deep-fried artichokes), the gastronomi­c symbol of the neighborho­od; stuffed Roman zucchini; fried salt cod filet; fettuccine with braised meat; a kosher version of (with dried meat, smoked veal, and zucchini); salt cod with cherry tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts; veggie burgers; and Kosher meat kebabs. For dessert try the exquisite accompanie­d by a glass of Middle Eastern mint iced tea. The wine list offers a wide selection of Italian and Israeli labels, perfect for complement­ing any course. Reservatio­ns advised. Open daily for lunch and dinner. carciofi alla giudia carbonara torta della nonna ADVERTISIN­G PAGE

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