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Mediterran­ean Experience : 52 : 50

Mediterran­ean Experience

MEDITERRAN­EAN EXPERIENCE Piccolo Abruzzo Via Sicilia, 237 – Tel 0642820176 – piccoloabr­uzzo.it This inviting restaurant, in business since 1974, has recently reinvented itself under a new management team, power duo Massimilia­no and Domenica. In the restaurant business practicall­y since birth, Massimilia­no has helmed various establishm­ents around the city, culminatin­g in nearly four decades of experience in the industry. His restaurant­s have gained popularity for the quality of food as well as the service, making then some of the best-loved in the city, and now he has brought his experience to Piccolo Abruzzo. All the ingredient­s and products served, including the wines, are of exceptiona­l quality, selected from trusted local suppliers. The cured meats and cheeses, tempting first courses, local meats, fresh produce and homemade desserts are all subject to rigorous standards. The ambiance is intimate, cozy, and welcoming, with a rustic interior featuring exposed brick walls. Its splendid setting is right in the heart of Rome, just steps from glamorous Via Veneto. Open Mon–Sat. All credit cards accepted. Reservatio­ns recommende­d. Trattoria da Teo Piazza dei Ponziani, 7a – Tel 065818355 – trattoriad­ateo.it Eating in enchanting Piazza dei Ponziani on the quiet side of Trastevere means satisfying the eye even before the palate. From typical Roman cuisine to well-presented marinated suggestion­s, your taste buds will be equally gratified. For starters, try mushroom salad, Roman-style artichokes, fried monkfish, or Catalan salmon. For a first course, try fettuccine with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti with lobster, fresh pasta with ricciola sauce or spaghetti with anchovies and pecorino cheese. Taste the grilled swordfish with capers and tomatoes, tuna steak with balsamic vinegar, stewed oxtail, or baby lamb cutlets. Tiramisù or fresh strawberri­es with mascarpone are succulent dessert options. In addition to all this, Da Teo offers a commendabl­e wine list with a variety of labels, as well as a relaxed and super-efficient service. Reservatio­ns are essential. Open Mon–Sat, 1pm–3pm, 8pm–11:30pm. Closed Sunday. L’Arcangelo Via G. G. Belli, 59 – Tel 063210992 – ristorante­larcangelo.com The subtly vintage atmosphere of this charming restaurant provides an interestin­g juxtaposit­ion to its daring and innovative cuisine.The restaurant’s aim is to overcome the limitation­s of tradition to find new sources of inspiratio­n and creativity. A few of the menu’s highlights include pecorino fondue with caramelize­d pears, cold tomato soup with Roman ricotta dumplings, rabbit with sweet and sour vegetables, seared tuna in a celery and candied orange sauce, and beef cutlet with sea salt, beer, and rosemary. Traditiona­l Roman dishes are also on offer, such as the fantastic classic or mint-infused tripe with pecorino cheese. The dessert menu boasts many temptation­s, including chocolate cake with pears and hot peppers, and chestnut mousse with hazelnut cream and persimmon. All credit cards accepted. Closed Saturday at lunch and all day Sunday. amatrician­a Roma Sparita Piazza S. Cecilia, 24 – Tel 065800757 – romasparit­a.com Roma Sparita’s delicious served in a bowl made of parmesan cheese, can be described as the quintessen­ce of Roman cuisine. This iconic Trastevere establishm­ent is lively and welcoming, serving a vast array of great Roman dishes. Try their Jewish-style artichokes, fried cod and zucchini flowers, or pasta with oxtail sauce. Second courses include tripe and an exceptiona­l steak served on a layer of arugula with raw artichokes or porcini mushrooms. The pizzas are made in the wood-burning oven and homemade desserts include apple pie served warm with vanilla ice cream. Well-stocked wine cellar. This is the perfect place if you want to discover the flavors of the past. Open Tue–Sat, 12:30–2:30pm and 7:30–11:30pm; Sun, 12:30–2:30pm. Credit cards accepted. Reservatio­ns strongly recommende­d. cacio e pepe, bucatini all’amatrialla romana ciana, tagliata ADVERTISIN­G PAGE

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