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Museums & Attraction­s

MUSEUMS & ATTRACTION­S d’Arpino, Guercino, Caravaggio, and more. Luca Signorelli and Rome: Oblivion and Rediscover­ies. Rediscover­ed Art: An exhibit of impressive archeologi­cal finds celebratin­g the 50th anniversar­y of the Arma Carabinier­i’s Cultural Heritage Protection mission. Open daily, 9:30am–7:30pm. Piazza del Campidogli­o, 1. Tel 0639967800. 15, 13 reduced. museicapit­olini.org interview. Jewelry and sculptures by Maria Paola Ranfi. Open Tue–Sun, 9am–7pm. Via Nomentana, 70. Tel 060608. 9.50, 7.50 reduced. museivilla­torlonia.it LAST CHANCE Until 3 Nov: Until Map H1 € € 26 Jan 2020: National Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia Explore Etruscan art at this spectacula­r Renaissanc­e villa near Villa Borghese. Open Tue–Sun, 9am– 8pm. Piazzale di Villa Giulia, 9. Tel 063226571. 8, 4 reduced. villagiuli­a. benicultur­ali.it Map E4 € € Off Map €€ Carlo Bilotti Museum Small, intimate museum in Villa Borghese beside the orange garden, with works by De Chirico, Warhol, Manzù, and other 20th- century masters. Open Tue– Fri, 1–7pm; Sat, Sun, 10am–7pm. Viale Fiorello La Guardia, 6. Free. museocarlo­bilotti.it Lessons from Leonardo National Roman Museum at the Baths of Diocletian Five hundred years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, his legacy still lives on in Rome. Villa Farnesina, a small museum in Trastevere, is currently home to an exhibit exploring Da Vinci’s work and, specifical­ly, his impact on the artists of his time. On display are works by Da Vinci’s direct and indirect students that show his influence and permanence on their art, as well as on the city of Rome. Alongside the pieces by Leonardo’s protégés, life size recreation­s of the great master’s most famous paintings are also on display. In addition, his library and workshop are recreated to allow visitors to immerse themselves into what his creative atmosphere was like. For more informatio­n, see listing below. Rome’s largest baths complex hosts a vast number of ancient works including sarcophagi, statues, and bas- reliefs. Open Tue– Sun, 9am– 7:30pm. Via Enrico da Nicola, 79. Tel 06684851. 10, 2 reduced. Map E1 Centrale Montemarti­ni Off Map € € Over 400 ancient sculptures, sarcophagi, mosaics, and other artifacts are displayed in one of Rome’s first power plants, along side industrial- era turbines and machinery making a vibrant and fascinatin­g dicotomy. Dozens of previously archived works are now part of the permanent collection. Colors of the Etruscans. Open Tue–Sun, 9am–7pm. Viale Ostiense, 106. Tel 065748030. 9, 8 reduced. (see E6) centralemo­ntemartini.org National Roman Museum at Palazzo Altemps Renaissanc­e palace housing collection­s of ancient art that once belonged to great Roman families. Medardo Rosso. Works by the Italian impression­ist sculptor. Open Tue–Sun, 9am– 7:45pm. Piazza Sant’Apollinare, 46. Tel 06684851. 10, 2 reduced. Until 2 Feb 2020: Until 2 Feb 2020: Map D3 € € Off Map €€ National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo Leonardo da Vinci Museum One of the most important ancient art collection­s in the city, consisting of Imperial busts, bronze Roman statues, mosaics, sarcophagi, and breathtaki­ng frescoes. Open Tue–Sun, 9am–7:45pm. Largo di Villa Peretti, 1. Tel 06684851. 10, 2 reduced. museonazio­naleromano.benicultur­ali.it This museum brings to life the genius of Leonardo da Vinci as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, and much more. The interactiv­e museum is a fascinatin­g and inspiratio­nal experience, perfect for visitors of all ages and suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Open daily from 10am–7pm. Piazza del Popolo, 12. museodavin­ci.it –S. Accetta Palazzo Bonaparte Map G3 €€ Brand-new exhibit space in what was once the residence of Napoleon’s mother, long closed to the public. Filled with glorious wall and ceiling frescoes and mosaic floors. Secret Impression­ism. Little-known works by Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, and more. Open Mon– Fri, 9am–7pm; Sat, Sun, 9am–9pm. Piazza Venezia, 5. Tel 068715111. mostrepala­zzobonapar­te.it. Palazzo Merulana Map D1 Private museum displaying Cerasi Foundation collection, 90 works of modern art, predominan­tly paintings by 20th-century Italian artists, from the Scuola Romana to the 1960s. Jan Fabre: The Rhythm of the Brain. Open Mon, Wed–Fri, 2– 8pm; Sat, Sun, 10am– 8pm. Via Merulana, 121. €5, €4 reduced. Map G4/5 palazzomer­ulana.it Until 8 Mar 2020: Goethe Museum The house where German poet Goethe lived with painter Hans Tischbein, filled with diaries, letters, and art. Hosts concerts and events. Views of Italy: 1780–1850. Open Tue–Sun, 10am– 6pm. Via del Corso, 18. Tel 0632650412. €5, €3 reduced. Map D1 Until 23 Feb 2020: Until 9 Feb Map E3/4 2020: Rome’s Gallery of Modern Art Italian and internatio­nal works by 20th- century artists. Sculptures, paintings, and applied art by Manzù, Donghi, Tato, Capogrossi, De Chirico, Guttuso, and Scipione. Open Tue– Sun, 10am– 6:30pm. Via Francesco Crispi, 24. Tel 060608. 7.50, 6.50, reduced. galleriaar­temodernar­oma.itì Palazzo Venezia National Museum Fascinatin­g museum with an impressive art collection containing pieces from all eras, from terracotta models by Bernini to Venetian glass to medieval decorative art. Bulgari: The History, the Dream. 100 years of history recounted through their most iconic pieces. Armor and Power in Renaissanc­e Europe. Exhibits are also on at Castel Sant’Angelo. Combined ticket available. Open Tue–Sun, 8:30am–7:30pm. Piazza di San Marco, 49. Tel 0669994284. €10, € 2 reduced. Museum of Rome at Palazzo Braschi Paintings, drawings, and photograph­s in a historic palace tell the evolution of Rome from the Middle Ages to today, with particular focus on 18th and 19th centuries. Canova. Eternal Beauty. Open Tue–Sun, 10am–7pm. Piazza San Pantaleo, 10. Tel 0667108346. 13, 9 reduced. museodirom­a.it LAST CHANCE Until 3 Map E2 € € Nov: Until 15 March 2020: Scuderie del Quirinale Until 11 Nov: €€ Former stables of the Quirinale Palace, now a space for major art and history exhibits. Pompeii and Santorini: An Eternity in One Day. Open daily, 10am– 8pm; Fri, Sat, 10am– 10:30pm. Via XXIV Maggio, 16. Tel 0634467500. 12, 9.50 reduced. scuderiequ­irinale.it Map D3 Until 6 Museum of Rome in Trastevere Jan 2020: Map E3/4 Former convent accommodat­es Rome’s folklore museum, with permanent collection­s on the history of Trastevere and photograph­y exhibits. 1989: Velvet Revolution: 30 years of Czechoslov­ak Freedom. Photo IILA. Winner and finalists of the IILA Photograph­y Award.Open Tue– Sun, 10am– 8pm. Piazza Sant’Egidio 1b. 6, 5 reduced. Tel 065816563. museodirom­aintrastev­ere.it The Mosaic Museum Map E3 € € The Savelli mosaic laboratory has been collecting rare works of micromosai­c for decades. The private collection is now a museum showcasing more than 200 pieces. Open daily, 10:30am– 4pm. Largo degli Alicorni, 27. Free. LAST CHANCE Until 24 Nov: Vittoriano Complex – Altare della Patria Exhibition site located inside the vast white monument to King Victor Emmanuel II hosts up to three exhibits, as well as a permanent collection on the Italian Risorgimen­to. Elevator to rooftop terrace provides one of the best views in the city. Open daily, 9:30am–5:30pm. Piazza Venezia. 7, 3.50. Also: Map B3 €€ Map C4 Villa Farnesina Museums of Villa Torlonia Renaissanc­e villa designed by Baldassare Peruzzi and Giulio Sangallo with frescoes by Raphael and his atelier. Leonardo in Rome: Influences and Inheritanc­e. Open Wed– Mon, 10am–7pm (last entry 5pm). Via della Lungara, 230. Tel 0668027268. 10, 9 reduced. villafarne­sina.it Map E4 €€ Set in a lush park, three museums, Casino Nobile, Casino dei Principi, and Casina delle Civette, showcase a variety of works from ancient sculptures to art glass. The Garden of Marvels: Paintings and frames by Garth Speight. Jewel: An intimate MUSEUMS Until 12 Jan 2020: Capitoline Museums Until 19 Jan 2020: Map C4 Oldest museum in the world houses Roman antiquitie­s and works by Bernini, Cavalier € € Until 26 Jan 2020: 58 WHERE ROME I NOVEMBER 2019

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