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ESSENTIALS TRANSPORTA­TION Ask the Concierge My Vespa See Rome like the Romans do, from perched atop your very own Vespa. This company offers both short- and long-term Vespa rentals, so you can have your own set of wheels no matter how long you intend to stay. They also offer a range of tours, so you can visit the city’s sites by Vespa (you can choose to drive your own or be a passenger), Segway, bicycle, and more. Open daily, 9am–7pm. Via Cavour, 80. Tel 064815669. All credit cards accepted. myvespa.it PUBLIC TRANSPORTA­TION Principal bus terminals: Termini Station, Pza Venezia, Largo Argentina. Metro lines A and B operate daily, 5:30am–11:30pm, Sat until 1:30am. Single ticket: 1.50; valid 100 minutes on one or more buses and/ or one metro ride. Validate ticket on bus or upon entering metro. 1-day pass: 7; 3-day pass: 18; 7-day pass: 24. Tickets available at ticket machines, bars, tobacconis­ts, and newsstands. Tel 800431784. € € € € TAXIS Can be picked up at taxi stands or hailed. Don’t trust people who approach you at stations, airports, or tourist sites offering taxis. Authorized taxis can be called at: 064994, 063570, 066645, 065551, 0688177. 48 flat fare between Fiumicino and center; 30 between Ciampino and center. Valerio Scione is the concierge of Splendide Royal, a luxury boutique hotel affiliated with Condé Nast Johansens and situated between glamorous Via Veneto and the Spanish Steps. Replete in modern baroque décor, the hotel boasts a number of terraces that overlook the Eternal City and a rooftop restaurant. Scione shares with his expert tips on seeing Rome at its best. € € AIRPORT TRANSFERS To Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport (by train and coach) WHERE What makes Rome different from other capital cities? What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you during your time as concierge? 1 5 Non- stop Leonardo Express departs Termini Station and arrives inside Fiumicino Airport. 31 mins. 14 one- way. Trains also run to and from Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, and Tiburtina stations, 8 one- way. trenitalia.it You can take in the masterpiec­es of Bernini in Piazza Navona and the wonders of Ancient Rome in the span of a few minutes. Wandering the narrow streets throughout the city center, you can see and feel centuries of history and art like nowhere else in the world. I’ve managed to make arrangemen­ts like trips by helicopter, gastronomi­c tours in the countrysid­e out of Rome or even a private ship with a crew to cover the short distance between Naples and Capri. € € CAR RENTALS Avis Europcar— Hertz— Maggiore CHAUFFEUR SERVICES Limu Event (Fiumicino)—Tel 0665011531/06419941 Is there an event on this month that you’d recommend to visitors? 6 Tel 800014410/064882854 What are your favorite of the city’s hidden corners? 2 The city is hosting dozens of fascinatin­g exhibits at any given time. My top picks would be the Canova exhibit at Palazzo Braschi and the exploratio­n of Pompeii at the Scuderie del Quirinale. Tel 199112211/064740389 Campo de’ Fiori, to me, is an example of authentic Rome. It is one of my favorite parts of the city, where I usually go during the spring and summer after dinner to get a drink or a delicious espresso in one of the cozy bars that border the piazza. (Fiumicino)— 0665010678/064880049 Hire an all-white 8.6 meter limousine and enjoy Happy Hour on board your private eight-person vehicle, with music under your control when you bring an iPod. Daily Ferrari and Lamborghin­i rental also available. Tel 3668079203. limuevent.it What’s your number one piece of advice for tourists visiting Rome? 7 My advice is to rely on the concierge of your hotel in order to make the most of your time in the city. Send him or her an email in advance, state what you’re interested in seeing, and ask for help organizing an itinerary. In your opinion, what are some of the most romantic spots in the city? 3 Editor’s Note: In our previous issue, the Ask the Concierge interview featured an incorrect photo of the hotel. A photo of Hotel Parco dei Principi was included instead of the correct one, Hotel Splendide Royal. We apologize to our readers and the interested parties for our error, and republish the interview here with the correct photo. Via dei Portoghesi and Via dell’Orso, both close to the Pantheon, are two stunning streets inside a quiet area of the city. In the evening, stop for a candlelit dinner at one of the local trattorias in the area. Any suggestion­s for a restaurant with a great price/quality ratio? 8 Hosteria Romana on Via del Boccaccio is a small, rustic, family-run trattoria. Price wise, it’s reasonable and the food is excellent: classic Roman dishes served in a laid-back atmosphere. When your friends come to visit, where do you take them? YOUR OFFICE ABROAD 4 Currency Exchange I would start with a stroll through classical Rome, visiting its various squares and fountains and then stop into a nice local trattoria for an authentic pasta lunch. We’d then move on to St. Peter’s Basilica and the next day the ancient section of the city. Take a passport or other ID. Commission rates vary from zero to 5 per transactio­n. Banks and post offices also have exchange bureaux. € Lastly Rome is most beautiful… 9 At sunset in Villa Borghese or along the Tiber River. American Express > Map E2 Piazza di Spagna, 38. Tel 0667642413. 59 www. wheretrave­ler. com

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