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with min. purchase of 155. Ask for an invoice (fattura) or a Tax-free Cheque when shopping. Goods must be stamped by customs agent upon departure no more than three months after date of purchase. Stamped invoice must be mailed to place of purchase within four months of purchase. € TOURS & COURSES Bespoke Tours Tailor-made tours that allow you to discover Rome through the eyes of the locals. The Vatican and the Colosseum are unmissable experience­s, as well as the undergroun­ds of San Clemente and the Roman houses of the Celio. You can also choose exciting shopping tours with personal guides and cooking classes run by expert chefs. Tel 3388491670. info@bespoketou­rs.it bespoketou­rs.it InRome Cooking This cooking school near Piazza Navona offers handson cooking classes and culinary walking tours. Learn how to make fresh pasta, pizza, gelato, and tiramisù from profession­al chefs or wander the streets of Rome with gastronomi­c guides to discover historic food shops and sample the best of Roman food and wine. Private and group tours available. Corso del Rinascimen­to, 65. Tel 0668805375. Cel 3883646013. inromecook­ing.com RomebySegw­ay Visit Rome on a Segway: it’s less tiring and ecofriendl­y. Visit ancient wonders, marvelous churches, and Baroque palaces with audio/video guides. Bike tours also available, with guide or self-guided with map, programmed SatNav, audio-guide, and helmet-mounted camera. Tel 0677591822. romebysegw­ay.com; info@romebysegw­ay.com Mail Boxes Services Rome with Aly If you’ve ever wished you could have a local tell you all the best places to go, things to see, and food to try (and even take you there), you’re in luck. Aly has lived in Rome for many years, and her experience in the gastronomi­c sector has made her distinctly qualified to offer food-based tours all around the city. Choose from a wide range of walking tours exploring local markets, authentic eateries, wine bars only the locals know, and much more. All tours customizab­le. Tel 3385289958. romewithal­y.com; info@romewithal­y.com Shipping Services MEDICAL SERVICES Packaging Services *Emergency health care is available free in all hospital emergency rooms. PRIVATE HOSPITALS/ENGLISH-SPEAKING DOCTORS Dr. Roberto Coronelli (Dentist) Via Ennio Q. Visconti, 12/14. Tel. 063612849. Fax 063226712 mbe075@mbe.it Via Lazio, 10. Tel. 0642014774. Fax 0642014217 mbe328@tin.it Dental surgeon and implantolo­gist Roberto Coronelli will see to all your dental needs during your stay in Rome, from cavity fillings to prosthetic­s to oral surgery. The studio in the Termini area utilizes all the latest dental technologi­es and equipment. Open 9:30am–1:30pm and 2:30pm–7pm. Via Castelfida­rdo, 8. Tel 0642013296. studiodent­isticorobe­rtocoronel­li.it Map G2 Rome American Hospital Off Map Via E. Longoni, 69. Tel 0622551. rah.it/english/index.htm 24-Hour Pharmacies >Piazza Barberini, 49. Tel 064825456. >Piazza Risorgimen­to, 44. Tel 063722157. >Via Arenula, 73. Tel 0668803278. 61 www. wheretrave­ler. com

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