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[ ] T H E V I E W F R OM H E R E My Rome Danielle Di Gianvito [travel profession­al] Danielle Di Gianvito is a versatile travel profession­al with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, working for airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, and tourism offices, with a particular emphasis on marketing, PR, and communicat­ions. She is the founder and managing director, along with Roberta D’Amato, of ITA Italian Travel Awards, a prestigiou­s honor that has become considered the Oscars of the Italian tourism industry. Which three adjectives best describe Rome? city, a great artistic and aesthetic feat that captivates the viewer instantly. del Portico d’Ottavia, 21] [pictured bottom left] or La Taverna del Ghetto [ Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 8] in order to properly sample the authentic flavor of Rome and its rich culinary tradition. Unique, captivatin­g, unforgetta­ble. In your opinion, what are some of the most unmissable aspects of the city that no tourist should neglect? What makes Rome different from other capital cities? Where do you like to go shopping in the historic center? The light that transforms the city differentl­y each day, making it a sort of ever-changing kaleidosco­pe. It is a city that gives and surprises. The Rome of the Caesars, meaning ancient sites like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Imperial Fora, and the Circus Maximus, all of which exalt the timeless grandeur of ancient Rome. This is where the original spirit of the city resides. Another truly unmissable place is the Tiber River, which has unquestion­ably shaped Rome’s destiny. And to jump forward a few centuries, I’d recommend a visit to the neighborho­od of Tor Marancia to see their spectacula­r murals [pictured bottom right] that represent a contempora­ry side of the Capital; this street art allows us to see Rome through a modern and unconventi­onal lens. The area around Piazza di Spagna and Via del Babuino is scattered with luxurious boutiques that represent the best of “Made in Italy” fashion and design. What is one of your favorite places in the city? What is your idea of a perfect evening's entertainm­ent? I adore Villa Ada [pictured top right]. It is perhaps the most untamed and “wildest” park of Rome (which is, by the way, the greenest city in all of Europe). This park is vividly described in Niccolò Ammaniti’s novel For me, it's all about dining outdoors. I like to find a table in one of the splendid little piazzas of the historic center, when the weather permits of course. Luckily, Rome’s temperatur­es are pretty mild all year round. Che la festa cominci. What are the most photogenic places in the city? Do you see Rome through the lens of films like or do you have your own “secret city” that is equally attractive? Lastly, Rome is most beautiful when... The Great Beauty Which restaurant­s would you suggest to our readers? When everyone goes on vacation in August and the city is empty and practicall­y all yours. Another exquisite time is at dawn’s first light, when the city is slowly waking. I would recommend restaurant­s in the Jewish Quarter, like Giggetto al Portico [ Via is a gorgeous tribute to the The Great Beauty 64 WHERE ROME I NOVEMBER 2019

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