Where Rome : 2019-11-01

My Rome : 67 : 65

My Rome

Legendary Harry’s Bar is the aperitif, enjoy the live piano bar unique place that evokes the every evening and dive into the “Dolce Vita” as if it were a clip magic of the Via Veneto from the from the film, creating a fla- exclusive and fascinatin­g Harry’s shback to the golden era of the Bar. The refined cuisine recalls Via Veneto, when Frank Sinatra the freshness of Mediterran­ean sang at the piano and all the flavours based on prime ingre- www.harrysbar.it stars made their appearance in dients. Tradition and fantasy in- this bar/restaurant full of gla- spire the elegant dishes, accom- mour and style. As in the roa- panied by the most prestigiou­s ring sixties, you can still sip an labels and a high class service.

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