Re­lax and re­ju­ve­na­te at the uni­que Spa boa­sting a spec­ta­cu­lar view on the Island of Ro­ses

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This year, the mon­th of Mar­ch of­fers Venice a re­la­ti­ve­ly pea­ce­ful ti­me. Al­thou­gh the in­flux of tou­rists ne­ver com­ple­te­ly stops, the ca­len­dar at this ti­me of year means that the­re is a long break bet­ween the fe­sti­vi­ties of Car­ni­val (whi­ch en­ded on 28 Fe­brua­ry) and the Ea­ster ce­le­bra­tions, whi­ch fall in April in this year. This could be a good ti­me to en­joy a less cro­w­ded Venice, en­han­ced by lon­ger days and a mil­der cli­ma­te. In fact, if eve­ry­thing goes ac­cor­ding to plan and the wea­ther is on your si­de, you will find your­self en­joy­ing a ci­ty that is so beau­ti­ful that you'll ha­ve the im­pres­sion of being per­ma­nen­tly on a film set.

You can li­mit your­self to en­joy­ing the mar­vels that nature and one­thou­sand-five-hun­dred years of history ha­ve put to­ge­ther for you or, you can opt for a mo­re or­ga­ni­zed itinerary and ha­ve fun di­sco­ve­ring all the views, squa­res, stree­ts and ca­nals that ha­ve been used as movie

lo­ca­tions. If you choo­se the lat­ter, we ha­ve al­rea­dy do­ne so­me of the work for you. This mon­th's Focus of­fers an over­view of the fea­tu­re films shot in the­se pla­ces. Te­st your kno­w­led­ge and ha­ve fun seeing how ma­ny ti­tles you re­mem­ber!

As spring ap­proa­ches, sai­ling to the islands be­co­mes an even grea­ter plea­su­re. Don't miss a vi­sit to Mu­ra­no, Burano and Tor­cel­lo, th­ree de­sti­na­tions as­so­cia­ted wi­th Ve­ne­tian craf­tsman­ship: glass, la­ce and an ab­so­lu­te­ly fa­bu­lous ga­stro­no­mic ex­pe­rien­ce await you on­ly 30-mi­nu­tes away by va­po­ret­to.

Fi­nal­ly, keep an eye out for un­plan­ned hap­pe­nings (al­so li­sted on our web­si­te). As wi­th mo­st Ita­lian ci­ties, Venice lo­ves or­ga­ni­zing spur-of-the­mo­ment fe­sti­vi­ties to wel­co­me spring.

WHAT A TOURIST! An­ge­li­na Jo­lie li­ved in Venice for se­ve­ral mon­ths whi­le shoo­ting ‘The Tourist'. In or­der to ha­ve a ‘lit­tle pri­va­cy', she ren­ted the en­ti­re Pa­laz­zo Mo­ce­ni­go whe­re she stayed wi­th her chil­dren and Brad Pitt. Ah…tho­se we­re the days!

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