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Venice, a ci­ty of ar­ti­stic trea­su­res, ro­man­tic set­tings and lu­xu­rious well­ness re­trea­ts. Treat your­self to so­me plea­sant re­la­xa­tion at a uni­que spot wi­th a spec­ta­cu­lar view over the la­goon, the Spa on the Island of Ro­ses. By Ste­fa­nia Vi­da

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Lu­sh, ex­pan­si­ve gar­dens, a brea­th­ta­king view over Venice's sky­li­ne and, in 2015, a ho­spi­tal-to-ho­tel con­ver­sion, whi­ch won nu­me­rous awards, by ar­chi­star Mat­teo Thun, ma­ke the Island of Ro­ses a tran­quil re­treat. You can ea­si­ly be­gin your ex­plo­ra­tion of the trea­su­res of the La­goon from this re­treat, and al­so treat your­self to so­me re­la­xa­tion. An in­te­re­sting fact: the Island of Ro­ses is the ‘youn­ge­st' island in the Ve­ne­tian la­goon. Foun­ded ‘on­ly' in 1870, it has, sin­ce its esta­blish­ment, been one of the fa­vou­ri­te de­sti­na­tions of il­lu­strious fi­gu­res, in­clu­ding King Vit­to­rio Ema­nue­le III, who vi­si­ted it in 1936, as the royal coat of arms at its en­tran­ce bears wit­ness.

You will ask your­self how you get to this en­chan­ted pla­ce. It's real­ly sim­ple: you can ta­ke the re­sort's re­gu­lar, free shut­tle laun­ch from San Marco Giar­di­net­ti, a 20-mi­nu­te jour­ney, whi­ch ta­kes you di­rec­tly to the island. In­spi­red by the ethos of Venice, a ga­teway to the East, and of­fe­ring a dif­fe­rent in-dep­th con­cept of well­ness, the Spa on the Island of Ro­ses is a spe­cial pla­ce to re­ju­ve­na­te, re­lax and ex­pe­rien­ce the luxury of the mo­st ex­clu­si­ve treat­men­ts.

Hou­sed in a sim­ple yet ele­gant ear­ly 20th­cen­tu­ry buil­ding, this Spa – the lar­ge­st in Venice ex­ten­ding over an area of 1750 square me­tres, fa­ces on­to the wa­ter, of­fe­ring eight treat­ment rooms over­loo­king the la­goon. Other on-si­te ame­ni­ties in­clu­de a Fin­ni­sh sau­na hea­ted to a tem­pe­ra­tu­re of 90°C wi­th a Hi­ma­la­yan pink salt wall, a bio-sau­na hea­ted to 45°C, a ham­mam (a tra­di­tio­nal Tur­ki­sh ba­th), a gym and a hea­ted in­door swim­ming pool that ex­tends out­doors in­to its pic­tu­re­sque gar­dens (16 hec­ta­res), cha­rac­te­ri­zed by ageold oli­ve trees, and a woo­den par­ter­re, whe­re guests can spend a re­la­xing day, ta­king yo­ga and me­di­ta­tion clas­ses and par­ti­ci­pa­ting in exer­ci­ses ba­sed on a ho­li­stic ap­proa­ch.

The Spa is open to ou­tsi­de guests from 9.30am to 8pm (adul­ts on­ly age 16+). >> c/o JW Ma­riott Venice Re­sort & Spa Iso­la del­le Ro­se

La­gu­na di San Marco www.jw­ve­ni­ce.com

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