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This di­rec­to­ry, grou­ped by ca­te­go­ry, is a li­st of esta­blish­men­ts re­com­men­ded by the edi­tors of Whe­re Ma­ga­zi­ne and in­clu­des re­gu­lar ad­ver­ti­sers.

MAP LO­CA­TIONS-No­te that re­fe­ren­ces in bold at the end of ea­ch li­sting (A1, B5 etc) re­fer to the coor­di­na­tes on the street maps on pa­ges 62-63.

TRANS­PORT-Re­fe­ren­ces to va­po­ret­to li­nes and stops are ba­sed on de­par­tu­re from the San­ta Lu­cia rail­way sta­tion.

SHOPPING -Shopping hours are ge­ne­ral­ly from 10am to 7pm; less cen­tral­ly lo­ca­ted shops still ta­ke the tra­di­tio­nal lun­ch break. Mo­st shops are clo­sed on Sun­days (ex­cept tho­se lo­ca­ted in cen­tral Venice) and on Monday mor­nings. Ask your con­cier­ge.

Vi­si­tors should no­te that VAT is 22% and it is ge­ne­ral­ly in­clu­ded in the price of goods. Unio­nPay is a glo­bal pay­ment net­work ori­gi­na­ted from Chi­na, re­spon­si­ble for the in­ter-bank pay­ment via Unio­nPay sy­stem world­wi­de.

By Ju­ne 2016, over 350,000 mer­chan­ts in

Ita­ly ac­cept Unio­nPay card for pay­ment, among whi­ch 30,000 mer­chan­ts are lo­ca­ted in Venice. This al­lo­ws hun­dred of thou­sands of af­fluent Chi­ne­se cu­sto­mers to shop wi­th their fa­vou­ri­te cards. Unio­nPay al­so ac­ti­ve­ly work wi­th fa­mous re­tail groups, su­ch as DFS Group, McAr­thu­rG­len De­si­gner ou­tle­ts, SINA ho­tels, Air­port du­ty­free shops, to pro­vi­de spe­cial di­scount or ser­vi­ces for Unio­nPay car­d­hol­ders.


Re­ser­va­tions for mo­st re­stau­ran­ts are stron­gly ad­vi­sed. In Ita­ly, ser­vi­ce is in­clu­ded in the price mea­ning that al­thou­gh tip­ping is not com­pul­so­ry, it is ob­viou­sly ap­pre­cia­ted as a si­gn of sa­ti­sfac­tion. So­me me­nus in­clu­de the word “co­per­to”, a small sur­char­ge cor­re­spon­ding to the co­st of the ser­vi­ce and bread. Al­thou­gh no dress co­de exists in Ita­ly, se­mi­for­mal clo­thing is usual­ly con­si­de­red de ri­gueur at re­stau­ran­ts. All re­stau­ran­ts and bars are non-smo­king un­less a se­pa­ra­te smo­kers' area is spe­ci­fi­cal­ly of­fe­red.

Set meals: pri­ces are per per­son and usual­ly re­fer to a 3-cour­se meal (be­ve­ra­ges ex­clu­ded). € = 30 € or less / €€ = 31-50€ / €€€ = 51-100€ /

€€€€ = 101-150€ / €€€€€ = 150€ and abo­ve.


In­for­ma­tion about our se­lec­tion of museums and mo­nu­men­ts is chec­ked as ca­re­ful­ly as pos­si­ble. Ho­we­ver, te­le­pho­ne num­bers, ope­ning hours, works di­splayed and si­te ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty are su­b­ject to chan­ge de­pen­ding on the ti­me of the year, re­sto­ra­tions, loans or chan­ges in ma­na­ge­ment. Ask your con­cier­ge.

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