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Ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of your stay in Venice to en­joy this sea­son’s la­te­st of­fe­rings.

Whe­ther you choo­se an ac­ces­so­ry or a fra­gran­ce for him or for her, a jewel or so­me lo­cal item, you will cer­tain­ly be spoilt for choi­ce in the ma­gic of Venice. Ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of a stroll through its pic­tu­re­sque ‘cal­li’ to treat your­self to an ac­ces­so­ry or so­me other al­lu­ring de­tail of sty­le. Whe­re® gua­ran­tees that you won’t lea­ve emp­ty-han­ded!


This ele­gant ‘Mi­nou’ nec­kla­ce con­veys a mes­sa­ge of vi­brant fe­mi­ni­ni­ty. A unique col­lec­tion that sub­tly hi­ghlights the lu­mi­nous bril­lian­ce of its round-cut aqua­ma­ri­ne, en­cir­cled by a wrea­th of pre­cious dia­monds. www.da­mia­


Get crea­ti­ve wi­th co­lours! In the new ‘Co­co Co­des’ col­lec­tion mat­te and sa­tin tex­tu­res col­li­de in a ver­sa­ti­le po­w­der of pea­ch, ho­ney, ca­ra­mel and pink-red sha­des. At the si­de, Cha­nel’s ‘Rou­ge Co­co Shi­ne’ lip­stick fea­tu­red in a de­li­ca­te shade of bei­ge wi­th a hint of glim­mer to en­han­ce a glos­sy fi­ni­sh. www.cha­


Craf­ted in ro­se gold and dia­monds, the­se ‘M’ama Non M’ama’ rings are em­bel­li­shed wi­th fi­ve co­lou­red gem­sto­nes in­clu­ding ame­thy­st, pe­ri­dot, Lon­don Blue to­paz, moon­sto­ne and gar­net. Ele­gant yet sim­ple, Po­mel­la­to’s col­lec­tion is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by mi­ni­ma­li­st sha­pes and se­duc­ti­ve co­lours. www.po­mel­la­

RO­LEX The ‘Pearl­ma­ster 39’ is the star of Ro­lex’s gem-set wat­ches. Fea­tu­ring the sof­tly cur­ved li­nes of the Pearl­ma­ster de­si­gn, this Oy­ster Per­pe­tual is di­stin­gui­shed by its uni­que­ly ri­ch dials and ex­qui­si­te set­tings of dia­monds, sap­phi­res or ru­bies.­

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