Se­ve­ral char­ming de­sti­na­tions, a per­fect way to spend a re­la­xing day whi­le ha­ving fun. By Si­mo­na P.K. Da­vid­dii

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Im­mer­se your­self in a world of na­tu­re, art and well­ness at se­ve­ral of the Ve­ne­to re­gion’s mo­st al­lu­ring de­sti­na­tions


The ma­gni­fi­cent Bren­ta Ri­vie­ra, cros­sed by the Bren­ta Ri­ver and its ca­nals, oc­cu­pies mo­st of the stret­ch of land that runs from Pa­dua to Venice. Over the cen­tu­ries, sump­tuous vil­las, set in lu­sh, beau­ti­ful­ly ten­ded gar­dens, we­re built on the banks of dif­fe­rent wa­ter­ways.

The­re are ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly thir­ty vil­las, and the be­st way to ad­mi­re them is from the wa­ter, em­bar­king ei­ther in Pa­dua or Venice for a plea­sant day crui­se, pe­rhaps on board a ‘bur­chiel­lo’, a re­pro­duc­tion of the an­cient

18th cen­tu­ry craft used by Ve­ne­tian no­ble­men. Among the gems that em­bel­li­sh the sho­res, the mo­nu­men­tal Vil­la Pi­sa­ni in Stra, is a mu­st see. Pal­la­dio al­so left his mark on Bren­ta: near Mi­ra, you will find the 16th cen­tu­ry Vil­la Fo­sca­ri al­so kno­wn as la Mal­con­ten­ta. In Mi­ra, ma­ke su­re to vi­sit the 16th cen­tu­ry Vil­la Con­ta­ri­ni dei Leo­ni and in its vi­ci­ni­ty Vil­la Wid­man, a spec­ta­cu­lar 18th cen­tu­ry com­plex. The la­st no­tewor­thy ari­sto­cra­tic dwel­ling is Vil­la Sa­gre­do in Vi­gno­vo. It was built on the re­mains of a me­die­val ca­stle and is still in­ha­bi­ted, so­me say, by the gho­st of Gio­van­ni Sa­gre­do, a di­sci­ple and friend of Ga­li­leo Ga­li­lei.



Lo­ca­ted ju­st over a hun­dred ki­lo­me­ters from Venice, Verona cap­ti­va­tes vi­si­tors wi­th a stun­ning me­die­val hi­sto­ri­cal cen­ter, en­cir­cling the Ro­man Are­na – the ul­ti­ma­te sta­ge for mu­si­cal even­ts in sum­mer. Al­thou­gh the Are­na at­trac­ts mu­sic lo­vers/afi­cio­na­dos from all over the world, the haun­ts of Ro­meo and Ju­liet are no less po­pu­lar. Abo­ve all, Verona is kno­wn as the ci­ty of lo­ve. It is the fa­mous set­ting of Sha­ke­spea­re’s Ro­meo and Ju­liet, but it is al­so a vi­brant to­wn, boa­sting an in­ten­se cul­tu­ral li­fe.

You are li­ke­ly to stum­ble upon Ju­liet’s hou­se wi­th its beau­ti­ful Go­thic por­tal and fa­mous bal­co­ny, whi­le strolling through the stree­ts of the an­cient ci­ty, amid­st squa­res, por­ti­coes, ari­sto­cra­tic pa­laz­zi, me­die­val to­wers, chur­ches and courts. Ro­meo’s hou­se, wi­th its im­po­sing cre­nel­la­ted walls, is lo­ca­ted ju­st a lit­tle fur­ther on. The Adi­ge ri­ver is lo­ca­ted ju­st steps away, and a sun­set stroll along its sho­res and over its

hi­sto­ri­cal brid­ges al­lo­ws vi­si­tors to ab­sorb so­me of Verona’s mo­st ro­man­tic, sce­nic views – the per­fect pla­ce to fall in lo­ve.




Don’t miss the op­por­tu­ni­ty of a wee­kend ge­ta­way at one of Ita­ly’s mo­st ex­clu­si­ve re­sorts, a char­ming to­wn ex­clu­si­ve­ly po­si­tio­ned in the heart of the brea­th­ta­king Do­lo­mi­tes. A sym­bol of sty­le, fa­shion and the Ita­lian way of li­fe, Cortina is the spec­ta­cu­lar sce­ne­ry and full ran­ge of al­pi­ne sports and out­door ac­ti­vi­ties of­fe­red by this bu­stling moun­tain to­wn, at­tract na­tu­re lo­vers and sports en­thu­siasts du­ring all sea­sons. Fir­st ra­te skiing, a li­ve­ly après-ski sce­ne, ex­clu­si­ve shop­ping and a great choi­ce of even­ts and en­ter­tain­ment, con­firms Cortina’s po­si­tion as a world-class win­ter de­sti­na­tion. Win­ter of­fers an ar­ray of out­door ac­ti­vi­ties in­clu­ding ex­cur­sions on sno­w­ca­ts and slei­ghs, night­ti­me de­scen­ts from moun­tain re­fu­ges, ro­man­tic he­li­tours, ice dri­ving, sno­w­ki­ting and hor­se-dra­wn slei­gh ri­des… to en­joy the ma­gic of the Do­lo­mi­tes from da­wn to du­sk. cortina.do­lo­mi­ti.org - www.do­lo­mi­ti­ski­rock.com DI­STAN­CE FROM VENICE 420 km


Ly­ing at the heart of the ci­ty is piaz­za dei Si­gno­ri, ho­me to Pa­laz­zo dei Tre­cen­to and the ele­gant Log­gia Dei Ca­va­lie­ri. Its two ri­vers, the Si­le and the Ca­gnan, mean­der gen­tly amid­st its stree­ts ad­ding a unique tou­ch of charm to its hi­sto­ric cen­tre en­cir­cled by the old to­wn walls. Its co­lon­na­ded hou­ses wi­th their fre­scoed fa­ca­des over­loo­king the Bu­ra­nel­li ca­nal and the Iso­la del­la Pe­sche­ria tell of Treviso’s clo­se re­la­tion­ship wi­th its wa­ters.

The ar­ti­stic trea­su­res hou­sed in the Duo­mo and in the mu­seum hub of San­ta Ca­te­ri­na dei Ser­vi di Ma­ri are par­ti­cu­lar­ly no­tewor­thy and in­clu­de works by Bel­li­ni, Lot­to, Ti­tian and Bas­sa­no. Art lo­vers should ma­ke a point of vi­si­ting Ca­sa dei Carraresi whi­ch hosts pre­sti­gious in­ter­na­tio­nal ex­hi­bi­tions. A ci­ty wi­th a be­gui­ling charm all of its own brim­ming over wi­th pic­tu­re­sque oste­rie and small ca­fes over­loo­king its squa­res.

Vil­la Pi­sa­ni, Stra


On the pre­vious pa­ge, Vil­la Pi­sa­ni in Stra, one of the mo­st fa­mous Ve­ne­to Vil­las . On the right, a cor­ner of Verona wi­th the Are­na.

Be­low, a brea­th­ta­king view of Cortina d'Ampezzo, in the heart of the Do­lo­mi­tes and, at the bot­tom, Treviso.


Cortina d'Ampezzo Pho­to: Sno­w­dog

Treviso, piaz­za dei Si­gno­ri

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