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One of the lar­ge­st and mo­st im­por­tant spa cen­tres in Eu­ro­pe, the ther­mal ba­ths in Aba­no and Mon­te­grot­to ha­ve been re­no­w­ned for the the­ra­peu­tic pro­per­ties of their wa­ter and mud sin­ce an­cient Ro­man ti­mes.

Be­fo­re gu­shing to the sur­fa­ce wi­th an ave­ra­ge tem­pe­ra­tu­re of 75° cen­ti­gra­de, the wa­ters of the Ter­me Eu­ga­nee ta­ke 25 years to tra­vel 80 ki­lo­me­tres un­der­ground at a dep­th of 3,000 me­tres. Their jour­ney ta­kes them through cal­ca­reous rocks whe­re they are en­ri­ched by pre­cious mi­ne­ral sal­ts that ma­ke them the mo­st ef­fec­ti­ve salt-bro­mi­ne-io­di­ne the­ra­peu­tic wa­ters of all ti­me. Their ex­traor­di­na­ry the­ra­peu­tic pro­per­ties we­re re­co­gni­zed in Ro­man ti­mes (the acro­nym spa de­ri­ves from the La­tin word sa­lus per aquam, heal­th through wa­ter) and we­re wi­de­ly en­joyed mo­re than 2,000 years ago by the an­cient po­pu­la­tions, who set­tled and suc­cee­ded one ano­ther in the area. An in­te­re­sting fact: the an­cient Ve­ne­tians ve­ne­ra­ted Apo­nus, the god of ther­mal wa­ters and cu­ra­ti­ve treat­men­ts, hen­ce the na­me Aba­no. Al­thou­gh the fir­st ther­mal fa­ci­li­ties we­re on­ly esta­bli­shed in the 18th cen­tu­ry, the area of Aba­no, Mon­te­grot­to, Gal­zi­gna­no, Bat­ta­glia and Teo­lo now boasts 130 fa­ci­li­ties equip­ped wi­th spas (and mo­re than 220 swim­ming pools) of­fe­ring bal­neo­the­ra­py, the im­mer­sion in ther­mal ba­ths to al­le­via­te mu­scu­lar and joint pain, and im­pro­ve skin con­di­tions. Other treat­men­ts in­clu­de hy­dro­ki­ne­tic the­ra­py, an ideal the­ra­py for po­st-trau­ma­tic re­ha­bi­li­ta­tion, as well as in­ha­la­tion the­ra­py and mud the­ra­py. In ad­di­tion to the cu­ra­ti­ve wa­ters of the Ter­me Eu­ga­nee, the lo­cal ve­ge­tal-mi­ne­ral mud, ob­tai­ned from the mi­ne­ra­li­za­tion of ear­th and clay and the for­ma­tion of spe­cial mi­cro­sco­pic al­gae, al­so con­tains im­por­tant ther­mal pro­per­ties.

The Ter­me Eu­ga­nee are not on­ly ef­fec­ti­ve for hea­ling. The wa­ter and mud are al­so used for well­ness and beau­ty treat­men­ts, in­clu­ding de­to­xi­fi­ca­tion and re­la­xing pro­grams, an­ti­cel­lu­li­te and weight-loss mas­sa­ges and an­ti- ageing ma­sks to com­bat the loss of skin to­ne and re­sto­re ela­sti­ci­ty. And that’s not all! On­ce you ha­ve com­ple­ted your treat­ment re­gi­men, you can ta­ke ho­me the ex­clu­si­ve co­sme­tic of "Ve­ne­tian Ther­mal Wa­ter", ma­de wi­th lo­cal ther­mal wa­ter of the Eu­ga­nean Hills (www. aquae­ho­

Bet­ween treat­men­ts, tho­se wi­shing to ex­plo­re the sur­roun­ding areas should head to the pic­tu­re­sque to­wn of Bat­ta­glia Ter­me, a ro­man­tic lo­ca­tion over­loo­king a se­ries of ca­nals. Other mu­st-vi­sit si­tes whi­le in the area in­clu­de the nu­me­rous Re­nais­san­ce vil­las sur­roun­ding Gal­zi­gna­no Ter­me and the an­cient ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal ex­ca­va­tions of Mon­te­grot­to Ter­me, in­clu­ding the th­ree Ro­man ba­ths de­co­ra­ted wi­th mo­saics and mar­ble floo­ring. Fi­nal­ly, don’t miss the Ca­sa del­le Far­fal­le (the Hou­se of But­ter­flies) in Mon­te­grot­to). This ma­gi­cal pla­ce is ‘in­ha­bi­ted’ by li­ve spe­cies of but­ter­flies from all over the world. The Hou­se of But­ter­flies is con­nec­ted to the Bo­sco del­le Fa­te (the Fai­ries Wood), an en­chan­ted pla­ce, whe­re ea­ch tree is as­so­cia­ted wi­th a fai­ry­ta­le or le­gend.

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