The mo­nu­men­tal Rial­to Brid­ge and its sur­roun­dings.

Where Venice - - Contents - Fon­da­zio­ne Pra­da. Ca’ Cor­ner del­la Re­gi­na. San­ta Cro­ce, 2215 (Cal­le de Ca’ Cor­ner) www.fon­da­zio­ne­pra­

This mul­ti­me­dia ex­hi­bi­tion pro­ject is the re­sult of an on­going, in-dep­th ex­chan­ge bet­ween film­ma­ker Ale­xan­der Klu­ge, pho­to­gra­pher Tho­mas De­mand and sta­ge and co­stu­me de­si­gner An­na Vie­brock. Ci­ne­ma, art and thea­tre in­ter­sect at Fon­da­zio­ne Pra­da with this col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve pro­ject that mer­ges what are usual­ly di­stinct ar­ti­stic forms of ex­pres­sion. At this ex­hi­bi­tion ti­tled ‘The Boat is Lea­king. The Cap­tain Lied', vi­si­tors can crea­te their own nar­ra­ti­ve, by mo­ving phy­si­cal­ly and con­cep­tual­ly through the vi­sual ima­ge­ry of the th­ree ar­tists.

The Boat is Lea­king. The Cap­tain Lied.

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