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Lo­ca­ted ju­st steps from the Rial­to Brid­ge, the atrium of lu­xu­ry de­part­ment sto­re T Fon­da­co dei Te­de­schi is ho­me to AMO, the new ex­clu­si­ve Ve­ne­tian ca­fé/re­stau­rant run by the Ala­j­mo bro­thers. By Ste­fa­nia Vi­da A gastronomic ex­pe­rien­ce em­bo­dy­ing the real soul of Venice, with its sym­bols

and my­ste­ries

At T Fon­da­co dei Te­de­schi, Venice's dazz­lin­gly lu­xu­rious de­part­ment sto­re, bo­th Ve­ne­tians and in­ter­na­tio­nal vi­si­tors can sa­ti­sfy their gour­met pa­la­tes at AMO, the new lo­ca­tion ope­ned by the Ala­j­mo bro­thers (Mas­si­mi­lia­no and Raf­fae­le), from one of Ita­ly's mo­st re­ve­red cu­li­na­ry fa­mi­lies. AMO is not sim­ply a re­stau­rant, but a pla­ce whe­re the sim­ple, authentic and light in­gre­dien­ts fea­tu­red on the me­nu com­bi­ne to free the spi­rit and open the heart.

A great de­si­gn spa­ce, whe­re no de­tail has been left to chan­ce and is ma­gni­fi­cen­tly cu­ra­ted, in this in­stan­ce by the well-kno­wn Fren­ch de­si­gner and ar­chi­tect Phi­lip­pe Starck! Ea­ch pie­ce of fur­ni­tu­re de­si­gned by Mon­sieur Starck is an em­bo­di­ment of pu­re Ve­ne­tian spi­rit. The so­fas ha­ve been de­si­gned to look li­ke gon­do­las, the win­do­ws ha­ve been for­ged by ma­ster glas­sblo­wers from Mu­ra­no and the walls fea­tu­re pat­terns in­spi­red by the Car­ni­val of Venice.

The ca­fe­te­ria, whi­ch is open th­rou­ghout the day, be­gins ser­ving food in the mor­ning, star­ting with break­fa­st. The me­nu fea­tu­res a li­st of dif­fe­rent ty­pes of Ita­lian cof­fees pai­red with se­ve­ral light gastronomic of­fe­rings (with and wi­thout flour), and pa­stries whe­re but­ter is sub­sti­tu­ted with oli­ve oil. The coun­ter lo­ca­ted in­si­de the ca­fe­te­ria wel­co­mes guests with an ar­ray of in­di­vi­dual­ly sli­ced ca­kes and ma­ca­rons, gour­met sand­wi­ches, ‘piz­zet­te' and a spe­cial ty­pe of fried ‘cic­chet­to' that chan­ges on a dai­ly ba­sis.

The lun­ch and din­ner me­nus, on the other hand, of­fer a se­lec­tion of meat, fi­sh and ve­ge­ta­ble di­shes, th­ree dif­fe­rent ty­pes of piz­za (oven-ba­ked, stea­med or fried) and clas­sic ‘Ala­j­mo' di­shes in­clu­ding ‘Cap­puc­ci­no di pa­ta­te'… Ta­ke your pick! >> c/o T Fon­da­co di Te­de­schi by DFS San Marco, 5556 www.ala­j­ www.tfon­da­

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