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Why do we ta­ke pho­to­gra­phs when we're tra­vel­ling? Be­cau­se we want to ta­ke ho­me the ima­ges of the pla­ces we've vi­si­ted but al­so re­cap­tu­re the emo­tions we felt du­ring our stay. To en­su­re that you ta­ke ho­me un­for­get­ta­ble me­mo­ries of Venice, or if you'd li­ke to gi­ve so­meo­ne a spe­cial pre­sent ex­pres­sing the my­ste­rious al­lu­re of Venice, we re­com­mend the pur­cha­se of two beau­ti­ful books of evo­ca­ti­ve pho­to­gra­phy, pu­bli­shed by Bel­la Fi­gu­ra Pu­bli­ca­tions: Dream of

Venice and Dream of Venice Ar­chi­tec­tu­re.

In the fir­st book, Dream of Venice, the re­ve­ren­tial ima­ges cap­tu­red by Char­les Ch­ri­sto­pher are com­pli­men­ted by the in­ti­ma­te thoughts, me­mo­ries, poems, and sto­ries of no­ta­ble con­tri­bu­tors from the worlds of art, li­te­ra­tu­re, de­si­gn, cui­si­ne, mu­sic, and film­ma­king. In­clu­ded are anec­do­tes and Ve­ne­tian re­col­lec­tions from Woo­dy Al­len, Fran­ces Mayes, Giam­pao­lo Se­gu­so, and Mar­cel­la Ha­zan, to men­tion but a few. In the se­cond book, Dream of Venice Ar­chi­tec­tu­re, the pho­to­gra­phs are by Ric­car­do De Cal, whi­le the es­says are writ­ten by se­ve­ral of the world's lea­ding ar­chi­tec­ts, in­clu­ding Ta­dao An­do, Mi­che­le de Luc­chi, Ma­rio Bot­ta, Va­le­ria­no Pa­stor and An­na­bel­le Sell­dorf, who ha­ve built in Venice. The book al­so fea­tu­res im­pres­sions by other ar­chi­tec­ts, de­si­gners and ar­tists who ha­ve been in­spi­red by the ci­ty.

The books are de­di­ca­ted to the peo­ple of Venice and can ei­ther be pur­cha­sed in Venice or on­li­ne. The links to the si­tes whe­re you can buy them are li­sted at http://bel­la­fi­gu­ra­pu­bli­ca­tions. com. A por­tion of the pro­ceeds will be do­na­ted to two non-pro­fit as­so­cia­tions whi­ch work to­wards sup­por­ting the ci­ty of Venice, Sa­ve Venice and the Fon­da­zio­ne Que­ri­ni Stam­pa­lia.

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