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Are­na di Ve­ro­na

The be­st-pre­ser­ved Ro­man am­phi­thea­ter in the world and the be­st kno­wn in Ita­ly af­ter Ro­me's Co­los­seum, the Are­na, the ci­ty's le­gen­da­ry open-air ope­ra hou­se, is lo­ca­ted in Ve­ro­na's hi­sto­ric cen­tre (115 km from Venice). Ea­ch sum­mer, sin­ce 1913, it has ho­sted a fa­mous ope­ra fe­sti­val fea­tu­ring mu­st-see per­for­man­ces and in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly re­no­w­ned stars. Cur­ren­tly ce­le­bra­ting its 94th edi­tion, the ri­ch even­ts ca­len­dar of this year's Ope­ra Fe­sti­val fea­tu­red 46 per­for­man­ces with 5 ope­ras sta­ged on a ro­ta­tio­nal ba­sis: ‘Car­men' by Geor­ges Bi­zet, ‘Ai­da', ‘La Tra­via­ta', ‘Il Tro­va­to­re' by Giu­sep­pe Ver­di and ‘Tu­ran­dot' by Giacomo Puc­ci­ni. (­stra­cal­ www.are­na. it. Ve­ro­na, piaz­za Bra 1. T: 045 8005151, 5873. Off


Tea­tro Olim­pi­co Vi­cen­za

One of Vi­cen­za's ar­ti­stic mar­vels (lo­ca­ted 75 km from Venice), the Tea­tro Olim­pi­co was de­si­gned by Re­nais­san­ce ar­chi­tect An­drea Pal­la­dio in 1580. It is the fir­st and ol­de­st co­ve­red ‘Tea­tro Sta­bi­le' in the world. Its in­te­rior si­mu­la­tes the out­door set­ting of clas­si­cal thea­tres, with a mo­nu­men­tal rec­tan­gu­lar pro­sce­nium, built to ho­st its inau­gu­ral per­for­man­ce in 1585. Se­ven woo­den per­spec­ti­ve sce­nes de­pic­ting the stree­ts of The­bes de­part from he­re in a sun­bur­st pat­tern. In­clu­ded in UNE­SCO's li­st of World He­ri­ta­ge Si­tes in 1994, it con­ti­nues to ho­st per­for­man­ces and con­certs. www.tea­tro­lim­pi­co­vi­cen­ Vi­cen­za, piaz­za Mat­teot­ti, 11. T: 0444 222800. Off Map

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