Craf­tsman­ship, ori­gi­na­li­ty and in­no­va­tion. The­se are the th­ree hall­mark fea­tu­res that ma­ke Ve­ni­ni's Mu­ra­no glass crea­tions true icons of art.

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Craf­tsman­ship, ori­gi­na­li­ty and in­no­va­tion. Th­ree hall­mark fea­tu­res that ma­ke Ve­ni­ni a true icon of art glass

The sto­ry of Ve­ni­ni is a jour­ney in­to the hi­sto­ry of Ve­ne­tian glass art… an art that is as an­cient as it is beau­ti­ful. Sin­ce 1921, it has gai­ned in­ter­na­tio­nal re­co­gni­tion for a uni­que­ness that stems from brin­ging the art of glass­ma­king in­to the lar­ger con­text of art by col­la­bo­ra­ting with ce­le­bra­ted ar­chi­tec­ts and de­si­gners. In 1987, the com­pa­ny si­gned an agree­ment with Ales­san­dro Men­di­ni, a li­ving le­gend in the field of in­ter­na­tio­nal de­si­gn and ar­chi­tec­tu­re, and the 1990s mar­ked the be­gin­ning of a col­la­bo­ra­tion with eclec­tic ar­chi­tect and in­du­strial de­si­gner Et­to­re Sott­sass. Other il­lu­strious con­tri­bu­tors in­clu­de Gae Au­len­ti, Ma­rio Bel­li­ni, Ti­mo Sar­pa­ne­va and Ful­vio Bian­co­ni (re­no­w­ned for the ico­nic ‘Han­d­ker­chief' va­ses). The re­sul­ts are unique crea­tions with an in­tan­gi­ble va­lue de­ri­ved from the hu­man tou­ch that brought it to li­fe.

Ea­ch Ve­ni­ni ob­ject is unique, ju­st li­ke the in­stant when the item was for­ged and took on its fi­nal sha­pe. Tho­se wi­shing to fur­ther their kno­w­led­ge about glass art can vi­sit the Ve­ni­ni Mu­seum, a real trea­su­re tro­ve of unique pie­ces. Its ar­chi­ves fea­tu­re mo­re than 45,000 de­si­gns by in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­tists in­clu­ding Car­lo Scar­pa, Gio Pon­ti, Na­po­leo­ne Mar­ti­nuz­zi, Ta­pio Wirk­ka­la, Ful­vio Bian­co­ni and Ta­dao An­do; 10,000 pe­riod pho­tos, de­pic­ting ar­chi­tec­tu­ral in­stal­la­tions, pa­st ex­hi­bi­tions and the peo­ple who wor­ked with Ve­ni­ni, and 5,000 works, in­clu­ding several pro­to­ty­pes that we­re ne­ver re­lea­sed on the mar­ket as well as a col­lec­tion of ex­tre­me­ly ra­re ar­ti­st draf­ts!

Art light in mul­ti­co­lor hand-ma­de blo­wn glass by ita­lian de­si­gner Gio Pon­ti (1946). >> Ve­ni­ni

Fon­da­men­ta Ve­trai, 47 (Mu­ra­no) San Mar­co, 314 (Ve­ne­zia)­ni­

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