Bi­blio­te­ca Na­zio­na­le Mar­cia­na

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If you stand with your back to Pa­laz­zo Du­ca­le you can ad­mi­re the ma­gni­fi­cent Pa­laz­zo del­la Li­bre­ria San­so­vi­na, the seat of the Bi­blio­te­ca Mar­cia­na (Mar­cia­na Na­tio­nal Li­bra­ry), a sym­bol of Ve­ne­tian cul­tu­re. This li­bra­ry boasts a he­ri­ta­ge col­lec­tion of mo­re than one mil­lion books pre­ser­ved along­si­de the works of great ma­sters in­clu­ding Ti­tian and Tin­to­ret­to. Its hea­d­quar­ters, lo­ca­ted in the for­mer Mint of Ve­ni­ce and, mo­re spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, in Piaz­zet­ta San Mar­co, in­clu­de the ad­ja­cent buil­ding of the Public Li­bra­ry of St. Mark, with its an­cient Rea­ding Room and Ve­sti­bu­le. So­me in­te­re­sting fac­ts for book lo­vers: its im­pres­si­ve he­ri­ta­ge col­lec­tion in­clu­des ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 1,000,000 books, 13,117 bound ma­nu­scrip­ts and 4,639 un­bound ma­nu­scrip­ts, 2,887 in­cu­na­bu­la (do­cu­men­ts prin­ted be­fo­re 1501) and 24,060 ‘cin­que­cen­ti­ne'

(16th-cen­tu­ry edi­tions). A vi­sit to the Mo­nu­men­tal Rooms of the Li­bra­ry is an ab­so­lu­te ‘mu­st' (ope­ning hours: 10am-7pm). Fea­tu­ring an extraordinary Stair­ca­se of Ho­nour, a Ve­sti­bu­le, whi­ch was la­ter tran­sfor­med in­to a Public Sta­tua­ry, and an or­na­te­ly de­co­ra­ted Li­bra­ry Room, it is of si­gni­fi­cant ar­ti­stic and hi­sto­ri­cal in­te­re­st and well wor­th a vi­sit. You can ac­cess the Mo­nu­men­tal Rooms through the en­tran­ce of the Cor­rer Mu­seum (St. Mark's Squa­re, Na­po­leo­nic Wing) using the sin­gle tic­ket for all the Museums in St. Mark's Squa­re, va­lid for the Do­ge's Pa­la­ce and the com­bi­ned iti­ne­ra­ry of the Mu­seo Cor­rer, the Mu­seo Ar­cheo­lo­gi­co Na­zio­na­le and the Mo­nu­men­tal Rooms of the Mar­cia­na Na­tio­nal Li­bra­ry (http://cor­­sit­mu­ it/pia­ni­fi­ca-la-tua-vi­si­ta/bi­gliet­ti/). Plea­se No­te: free gui­ded tours of the Li­bra­ry are or­ga­ni­zed eve­ry se­cond Sun­day of the mon­th, boo­king re­qui­red. http://mar­cia­­ne­

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