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A new ad­di­tion eve­ry day! The world of de­si­gner bou­ti­ques in Ve­ni­ce is ma­king wa­ves, and the ma­jo­ri­ty of big-na­me brands are lo­ca­ted around St. Mark's Squa­re, the great heart of Ve­ni­ce. By hea­ding to­wards the Ac­ca­de­mia from St. Mark's Squa­re, you will fin

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T FON­DA­CO DEI TE­DE­SCHI—Tfon­da­ Cal­le del Fon­te­go dei Te­de­schi (Rialto Brid­ge) T: 041 3142000. Map F3 COIN EX­CEL­SIOR—www.coi­nex­cel­ Can­na­re­gio, 5787 (Rialto Brid­ge) T: 041 5203581. Map F3 BALENCIAGA— San Mar­co, 1310 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5230806. Map F5 BALLY— San Mar­co, 4919-4921 (Mer­ce­rie San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 5285839. Map F4 BOGGI MI­LA­NO— San Mar­co, 1744 (Ba­ci­no Or­seo­lo).

T: 041 2960321. Map E4 • Sta­zio­ne San­ta Lu­cia (Fon­da­men­ta S. Lu­cia, 20).

T: 041 5246445. Map C3 BORSALINO— San Mar­co, 4822 (Cal­le del Lo­vo). T: 041 2411945. Map F4 BOT­TE­GA VENETA—­te­ga­ve­ne­ San Mar­co, 1473 (Sa­li­za­da San Moi­sè). T: 041 5228489. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1494. T: 041 2410553.

Map F4 BUR­BER­RY—it.bur­ber­ San Mar­co, 2308 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 240291. Map E5 CARTIER— San Mar­co, 1474/1495 (Cal­le San Moi­sè). T: 041 8842511. Map F4


San Mar­co, 2070 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2405399. Map E5

CHANEL BEAUTY San Mar­co, 1254/A.

T: 041 2708699. Map F3


Piaz­za San Mar­co, 51. T: 041 5231883.

Map F4 CHUR­CH'S—www.chur­ch-foot­ San Mar­co, 1316 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 2410147. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1320 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 2770661. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1255 (Cal­le Lar­ga de l'Ascen­sion). T: 041 2411636. Map F5 DOLCE&GABBANA—www.dol­ce­gab­ba­ San Mar­co, 2188 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 5209991. Map F4 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA— Boc­ca di Piaz­za San Mar­co, 1241. T: 041 5221204. Map F4 ETRO— San Mar­co, 1340 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5232599. Map F5 FENDI— San Mar­co, 1582 (Cal­le Frez­za­ria). T: 041 2778532. Map F4 FRA­TEL­LI ROS­SET­TI—www.fra­tel­li­ros­set­ Cam­po San Sal­va­dor, 4800. T: 041 5230571.

Map F4 • San Mar­co, 1477 (San Moi­sè). T: 041 5220819. Map F5 FURLA— San Mar­co, 4833 (Mer­ce­rie San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 2770460.Map F4 GIOR­GIO AR­MA­NI—­ma­ San Mar­co, 2282 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 8503048. Map F4 GUC­CI—www.guc­ San Mar­co, 2102 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2413968. Map F4 • San Mar­co, 258 (Mer­ce­rie). T: 041 5229119. Map E5 HERMÈS—ita­ly.her­ San Mar­co, 1292 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2410715. Map F5 HUGO BOSS—­go­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 80 (Ba­ci­no Or­seo­lo 1218). T: 041 5224378. Map F4

LO­RO PIANA—www.lo­ro­pia­

San Mar­co Ascen­sio­ne, 1301. T: 041 2770695.

Map F5

LOUIS VUIT­TON—www.loui­svuit­

San Mar­co, 1345. T: 041 5224500. Map F5

MAX MA­RA—it.max­ma­

San Mar­co, 5033 (Mer­ce­rie). T: 041 5226688.

Map F5 MI­CHAEL KORS—www.mi­chael­­w­ww.mi­chael­ San Mar­co, 1461 (Cam­po San Moi­sè). T: 041 2960312. Map F5

MIS­SO­NI— www.mis­so­

San Mar­co, 1318/A (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5205733. Map F5 MIU MIU—www.miu­ San Mar­co, 1471 (Sa­li­za­da San Moi­sè). T: 041 8106066. Map F5 MONCLER— San Mar­co, 2088 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2960605. Map E5 MONTBLANC— San Mar­co, 2380 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2413747. Map F5

PRA­DA—www. pra­

San Mar­co, 1464/1469 (Sa­li­za­da San Moi­sè). T: 041 5283966. Map F5

RE­NÉ CAOVILLA—­ne­cao­vil­ San Mar­co, 1296. T: 041 5238038.

Map F4 RO­BER­TO CA­VAL­LI—­ber­to­ca­val­li.


San Mar­co, 1314. T: 041 5299020.

Map F5

ROC­CA 1794— www.roc­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 125. T: 041 5201014.

Map F4


San Mar­co, 1302. T: 041 5202211.

Map F4 SAL­VA­DO­RI DIA­MOND ATE­LIER— www.sal­va­do­ri-ve­ne­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 67. T: 041 5230609. Map F4 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO— San Mar­co, 2098 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2778509.

Map E5 SWAROVSKI— San Mar­co, 256 (Mer­ce­rie dell'Oro­lo­gio). T: 041 5210618. Map F4 SWATCH— San Mar­co, 5022 (Mer­ce­rie San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 5228532. Map F4 TIFFANY & CO.— San Mar­co, 1336 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5201037. Map F5 TOD'S— San Mar­co, 2251 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 5206603. Map E5 VER­SA­CE—www.ver­sa­ San Mar­co, 1462 (Cam­po San Moi­sè). T: 041 5200057. Map F5

Re­né Caovilla In the 1950s, twen­ty-year-old Re­né star­ted wor­king at his fa­mi­ly's foot­wear fac­to­ry, re­vea­ling his talent as a ‘foot­wear sculp­tor'. Ba­sed in Ve­ni­ce, he has col­la­bo­ra­ted wi­th fa­shion hou­ses of the li­kes of Valentino, Dior, Gal­lia­no, Chanel and is no­ted for the stun­ning li­ne of "jewel shoes" he co-crea­ted wi­th Karl La­ger­feld. Shoe-de­si­gner to the stars, A-li­sters who ado­re his crea­tions in­clu­de Gwen Ste­fa­ni, Ro­bin Wright, Brit­ney Spears and Sa­rah Jessica Par­ker.

PASSION TIP His pumps in Ve­ne­tian la­ce are tru­ly iconic! Open dai­ly 10am-7pm.­ne­cao­vil­la. com. San Mar­co, 1296. T: 041 5238038. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4 SV Lab As its na­me sug­gests, mo­re than a shop, SV Lab is a crea­ti­ve work­shop that its ow­ner Car­lo Sar­to­ri li­kes to de­scri­be as “his pa­ral­lel world”. Not ju­st a shop sel­ling shoes and ac­ces­so­ries - a pla­ce whe­re you can crea­te a so­phi­sti­ca­ted, ec­cen­tric to­tal look - but al­so an open spa­ce whe­re it is not unu­sual to find ar­tists at work... Open Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm; Sun 11am-6pm. San Mar­co, 2663 (Cam­po San Maurizio). T: 041 5220595. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Gi­glio stop). Map E5

A new adap­ta­tion of the GIOR­GIO AR­MA­NI sty­le: fluid si­lhouet­tes whe­re co­lours emer­ge from ab­so­lu­re black, as in­lays con­vey­ing rhy­thm.

The­se lea­ther la­ce-up snea­kers by HUGO BOSS add a tou­ch of so­phi­sti­ca­ted ele­gan­ce to even the mo­st ca­sual look.

An in­du­strial achie­ve­ment com­pri­sing on­ly 51 com­po­nen­ts, the ‘Si­stem Check' by SWATCH is a part of the ‘Si­stem51 Iro­ny' col­lec­tion.

Crea­ted by DAMIANI for the ‘D.Icon' col­lec­tion, this ce­ra­mic ring em­bo­dies a per­fect blend of tra­di­tion and innovation.

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