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Ba­sed on a pro­ject by Glo­ria Beg­gia­to, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of the ho­tel Me­tro­po­li­tan, and Sil­via Bi­scon­ti, the crea­ti­ve mind be­hind fa­shion ate­lier Rap­tus & Ro­se in Bel­lu­no, the new Met re­stau­rant fea­tu­res a blend of co­lours, flavours and at­mo­sphe­res re­mi­ni­scent of the Ea­st, a geo­gra­phi­cal re­gion inex­tri­ca­bly lin­ked to the hi­sto­ry of Ve­ni­ce. Bi­scon­ti's crea­ti­ve skills are ap­pa­rent in the me­ti­cu­lous choi­ce of fa­brics, the co­lour of the walls and a se­lec­tion of her ate­lier's clothing, art­ful­ly sho­w­ca­sed in the ele­gant am­bien­ce. In ad­di­tion to the abo­ve, Sil­via has al­so crea­ted the Ro­se Room. This pic­tu­re­sque cor­ner, fur­ni­shed wi­th so­fas co­ve­red in pink bro­ca­de and pink vel­vet poufs, is the ideal pla­ce to sip an ape­ri­ti­vo or en­joy an in­ti­ma­te din­ner, whi­le sam­pling the cu­li­na­ry de­li­ca­cies pre­pa­red by Chef Lu­ca Ve­rit­ti, the re­ci­pient of a Mi­che­lin star in 2013. The Met re­stau­rant ce­le­bra­tes the ar­ri­val of ea­ch new sea­son wi­th an event or an ad hoc me­nu. For­th­co­ming ca­len­dar dates in­clu­de 6 Oc­to­ber 2017, 26 Ja­nua­ry and 6 April 2018.

Met Re­stau­rant. Riva del Schia­vo­ni 4149.­tre­stau­rant­ve­ni­

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