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The nie­ce of So­lo­mon R. Gug­ge­n­heim, Peg­gy was born in New York in 1898 into a weal­thy Jewi­sh fa­mi­ly. Fol­lo­wing the dea­th of her fa­ther on the Ti­ta­nic in 1912, Peg­gy Gug­ge­n­heim in­he­ri­ted a small for­tu­ne, be­co­ming one of the ri­che­st wo­men in Ame­ri­ca. She li­ved bet­ween Pa­ris and Lon­don. She be­ca­me a pa­tron of the arts and a collector of con­tem­po­ra­ry art. Peg­gy was al­ways sur­roun­ded by ar­tists and lo­vers: she mar­ried the wri­ter and Da­dai­st pain­ter Lau­ren­ce Vail and then Sur­rea­li­st ar­ti­st Max Ern­st. Af­ter opening an art gal­le­ry in Lon­don and ano­ther in New York, in 1948 Peg­gy was in­vi­ted to ex­hi­bit her col­lec­tion of paintings at the Bien­na­le of Ve­ni­ce. She fell in lo­ve wi­th the ci­ty whe­re she spent the re­st of her li­fe.

She died in 1979 and her ashes are bu­ried in a cor­ner of the gar­den of Pa­laz­zo Ve­nier dei Leo­ni.

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