Lo­ca­ted in a hi­sto­ric palazzo over­loo­king one of Ve­ni­ce's mo­st ro­man­tic ca­nals, Pot-Pour­rì is not on­ly a clo­thes bou­ti­que but a fan­ta­sti­cal dream-li­ke pla­ce.

Where Venice - - Contents - By Si­mo­na P.K. Da­vid­di

Pot-Pour­rì is not on­ly a clo­thes bou­ti­que, but a fan­ta­stic dream-li­ke pla­ce

Palazzo Re­gi­na Vit­to­ria, in Ra­mo dei Fu­se­ri, is the hea­d­quar­ters of Pot-Pour­rì's th­ree stan­da­lo­ne bou­ti­ques: its ow­ner Ma­ri­na has in­ve­sted her pas­sion for li­ving in the­se con­cept sto­res. The sty­le of her clo­thing and in­te­rior de­cor in­ter­pre­ts her vi­sion of eve­ry­day li­fe, re­flec­ting her lo­ve of co­lour and so­phi­sti­ca­ted crea­ti­vi­ty. Her ori­gi­na­li­ty is ap­pa­rent in the spa­ces and win­dow di­splays of her bou­ti­ques whe­re ac­ces­so­ries and clo­thing are not sim­ply stac­ked or han­ging li­ke in a re­gu­lar shop, but tran­sfor­med in­to ex­qui­si­te in­stal­la­tion-li­ke de­tails. “Pot-Pour­rì was esta­bli­shed 45 years ago al­mo­st by chance”, says Ma­ri­na. “It was ori­gi­nal­ly a sa­lon whe­re I used to en­ter­tain friends. From the ve­ry be­gin­ning, I felt a need to crea­te gar­men­ts that re­flec­ted my li­fe­sty­le. This is why cu­sto­mers vi­si­ting Pot-Pour­rì do not co­me he­re loo­king for on­ly one spe­ci­fic item, but ra­ther to ‘bro­w­se', to be se­du­ced by the thou­sand nuan­ces ac­cen­ting our ou­ter­wear, dres­ses and ac­ces­so­ries

(even tho­se in our win­ter col­lec­tions).”

“I pre­fer adop­ting an ‘in­tel­lec­tual' slant when wel­co­ming cu­sto­mers to my shop”, says Ma­ri­na. “Tho­se who un­der­stand our con­cept, usual­ly lea­ve wea­ring a to­tal­ly new look, ac­ces­so­ries in­clu­ded.” To­day, Ma­ri­na is as­si­sted by her daughters Ma­li­ca and Me­la­nia, whi­le her so­nin-law Fa­bio heads the men­swear bou­ti­que whi­ch she ope­ned two years ago next to her wo­men­swear bou­ti­que. Her la­te­st bou­ti­que, de­di­ca­ted to li­fe­sty­le and ho­meware, is al­so hou­sed in the spa­ces of Palazzo Re­gi­na Vit­to­ria. >> www.pot­pour­

Wo­men­swear: San Mar­co, 1810

(Ra­mo dei Fu­se­ri). T: 041 2410990. Men­swear: 1811/m (Ra­mo dei Fu­se­ri).

T: 041 5221332.

Ho­mewares: San Mar­co, 1820/m (Frez­ze­ria). T: 041 5201996.

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