Are you won­de­ring how to keep your kids en­ter­tai­ned du­ring your stay in Ve­ni­ce? Whe­re® has pre­pa­red a pick of at­trac­tions that will keep them en­ter­tai­ned even now that it's au­tumn.

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Whe­re® has pre­pa­red a pick of at­trac­tions that will keep your kids en­ter­tai­ned…


Ta­ke the va­po­ret­to and head to Mu­ra­no: th­rou­ghout this island, re­no­w­ned for its pro­duc­tion of glass, you'll find fur­na­ces of­fe­ring de­mon­stra­tions on how to crea­te glass ob­jec­ts and fi­gu­res, in­clu­ding the fa­mous Mu­ra­no glass hor­se. The ma­ster glas­sblo­wers are usual­ly kind and pa­tient and of­ten en­cou­ra­ge chil­dren to par­ti­ci­pa­te by al­lo­wing them to blow in­to the long blo­w­pi­pes used to ma­ke the glass.


Plan a trip to Bu­ra­no, the island of co­lou­red hou­ses and ha­ve fun ta­king lo­ts of pho­tos. Ask your kids to pick their fa­vou­ri­te co­lour from among the island's be­st-hid­den hou­ses.


Vi­sit the Island of Tor­cel­lo and learn mo­re about the hi­sto­ry of the th­ro­ne of At­ti­la. Af­ter rea­ding up on the su­b­ject, ta­ke a photo of your kids sit­ting on the th­ro­ne of the cruel con­que­ror. Ano­ther wor­th­whi­le at­trac­tion is the Pon­te del Dia­vo­lo (De­vil's Brid­ge), one of the few re­mai­ning exam­ples of a brid­ge wi­thout pa­ra­pe­ts.


Do your chil­dren en­joy ta­king pho­to­gra­phs? If the day is clear, ta­ke them to the top of the Cam­pa­ni­le di San Gior­gio of­fe­ring a fa­bu­lous view stret­ching from the sea to the moun­tains. Ho­we­ver, be war­ned,

you'll pro­ba­bly ha­ve trou­ble get­ting them back do­wn again.


With so mu­ch to do and see you're li­ke­ly to be in need of a break. Ju­st steps from

St. Mark's Squa­re at Ca' Giu­sti­nian (the hea­d­quar­ters of the frin­ge even­ts of the Ve­ni­ce Bien­na­le) the­re's a chil­dren's spa­ce equip­ped with toys whe­re chil­dren can stay and play for as long as they want. Ju­st a few steps away, you'll find a ca­fè whe­re you can in­dul­ge in a cof­fee break whi­le kee­ping an eye on your young ones.


How about a mi­ni-ri­de on a gon­do­la?

The Grand Canal is li­ned with sta­tions (sta­zi) whe­re you can hop on a gon­do­la: for ju­st 2€ you can ask the gon­do­lier to fer­ry you to the other si­de of the canal. One of the­se sta­tions is lo­ca­ted right at the Rialto Fi­sh Mar­ket who­se stalls are well wor­th a vi­sit.


If you're fond of ani­mals, ma­ke su­re to ta­ke a photo with the mar­ble lions stan­ding at the en­tran­ce to the Ar­se­na­le. They're all dif­fe­rent, they co­me from far-off pla­ces and ea­ch one has an in­te­re­sting sto­ry.


Whi­le strolling through the Ar­se­na­le nei­gh­bou­rhood, ma­ke su­re to vi­sit the Pa­di­glio­ne del­le Na­vi (Ship's Pa­vi­lion) (Ca­stel­lo 2162). One of the ci­ty's les­ser-kno­wn at­trac­tions, this pic­tu­re­sque lo­ca­tion sho­w­ca­ses se­ve­ral of the ci­ty's mo­st hi­sto­ric craft.


Chil­dren aged eight and up­wards can ex­plo­re a dif­fe­rent si­de of Ve­ni­ce whi­le padd­ling on a ka­yak through the ca­nals (­ni­ce­ka­ The ka­yak ex­pe­rien­ce be­gins on the Iso­la del­la Cer­to­sa, a beau­ti­ful Ma­ri­ne Re­sort and the ci­ty's pu­blic park, whe­re amid­st boa­ts small and lar­ge you will en­coun­ter goa­ts and ha­res wan­de­ring un­di­stur­bed around the island.


For fans of na­tu­ral hi­sto­ry, an ab­so­lu­te mu­st is a vi­sit to the Museum of Na­tu­ral Hi­sto­ry hou­sed in the beau­ti­ful Fon­da­co dei Tur­chi. In the sec­tion de­vo­ted to wha­les you'll be ama­zed to find the ske­le­ton of a blue wha­le and a young sperm wha­le.

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