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This ex­hi­bi­tion, mar­king the bi­cen­te­na­ry of the foun­da­tion of the Gal­le­rie dell'Ac­ca­de­mia, pays tri­bu­te to the cul­tu­ral re­vi­val of the ci­ty in 1815. It was a si­gni­fi­cant mo­ment in the ar­ti­stic hi­sto­ry of the Se­re­nis­si­ma be­cau­se it mar­ked the re­turn from Pa­ris of an im­por­tant Ve­ne­tian sym­bol, the four hor­ses of St. Mark. Il­lu­strious in­tel­lec­tual Leo­pol­do Ci­co­gna­ra wor­ked with re­no­w­ned ar­tists Fran­ce­sco Hayez and An­to­nio Ca­no­va to esta­bli­sh a museum of international stan­ding that would gi­ve ex­po­su­re to Ve­ni­ce's ex­traor­di­na­ry ar­ti­stic pa­tri­mo­ny, whi­le si­mul­ta­neou­sly pro­mo­ting con­tem­po­ra­ry art.

Ca­no­va, Hayez, Ci­co­gna­ra. The La­st Glo­ry of Ve­ni­ce.

Gal­le­rie dell’Ac­ca­de­mia. www.gal­le­rieac­ca­de­mia.org www.mo­stra­bi­cen­te­na­rio­gal­le­rie.it

◄ Left: G. Bor­sa­to-B. Bar­ba­ria-B. Bon­gio­van­ni, Ho­ma­ge of the Ve­ne­tian Pro­vin­ces (1818). Ko­no­pi­ště, The Na­tio­nal He­ri­ta­ge In­sti­tu­te, Ko­no­pi­ště Ca­stle, Cze­ch Re­pu­blic.

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