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Fin­ni­sh pain­ter and de­si­gner Mark­ku Pi­ri has de­si­gned works for the Glass Museum in Ve­ni­ce. Mu­ra­no's ma­ster glass­ma­kers, with whom he has wor­ked for years, ha­ve exe­cu­ted the­se. The dia­lo­gue bet­ween sha­pes and co­lours is the re­sult of re­sear­ch con­duc­ted on hi­sto­ri­cal and ar­ti­stic ar­te­fac­ts du­ring his tra­vels, and hi­ghlights his que­st for ae­sthe­tic har­mo­ny. The ex­hi­bi­tion sho­w­ca­ses 90 ar­ti­stic glass crea­tions ran­ging from small sculp­tu­res to lar­ge in­stal­la­tions. Stan­dou­ts in­clu­de a fi­ve-me­ter­long string of ‘giant beads' ma­de in col­la­bo­ra­tion with Pi­no Si­gno­ret­to, and his ‘Ti­me Zo­ne' works (see photo) crea­ted with ma­ster glass ma­ker Mat­teo Ta­glia­pie­tra, whi­ch in­ter­pret clas­sic sha­pes ba­sed on a va­rie­ty of tech­ni­ques.

Mark­ku Pi­ri. Glass & Pain­tings A Finn in the glass paradise of Mu­ra­no. Mu­ra­no Glass Museum – Pro­jec­ts for a Room. mu­seo­ve­tro.vi­sit­mu­ve.it

Mark­ku Pi­ri, Ti­me Zo­nes, with Mat­teo Ta­glia­pie­tra. Photo: Fla­via Bar­bi­ni.

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