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A new ad­di­tion eve­ry day! The world of de­si­gner bou­ti­ques in Ve­ni­ce is ma­king wa­ves, and the ma­jo­ri­ty of big-na­me brands are lo­ca­ted around St. Mark's Squa­re, the great heart of Ve­ni­ce. By hea­ding to­wards the Ac­ca­de­mia from St. Mark's Squa­re, you will find your­self in Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo, the wi­de­st street in the ci­ty, li­ned with the win­dow di­splays of the mo­st co­ve­ted international brands. A sy­stem of ‘cal­li' (the word for street in Ve­ne­tian dia­lect) kno­wn as the ‘Mer­ce­rie' leads from the Clock To­wer in St. Mark's Squa­re to the Rialto, whe­re Ve­ni­ce's old ‘bot­te­ghe' (work­shops) ha­ve now been re­pla­ced by lu­xu­ry bou­ti­ques.

Chic and com­for­ta­ble, the new li­ne of ‘GABRIELLE DE CHANEL' bags pays ho­ma­ge to the le­gen­da­ry fashion de­si­gner. This lar­ge whi­te and black Ho­bo to­te co­mes in smoo­th, aged lea­ther.

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