Where Venice - - Venetians - Ca­stel­lo, 5545 (Salizada S. Lio). T: 041 5239265.

De­vo­ted to the on­going search for ob­jet d'art and antiques, the mis­sion of this hi­ghly qua­li­fied an­ti­que dea­ler is to keep the in­te­re­st in authentic ma­ster­pie­ces ali­ve. Its San Lio-ba­sed sto­re in Ve­ni­ce of­fers a ca­re­ful se­lec­tion of the ci­ty's ar­ti­stic trea­su­res, with a par­ti­cu­lar fo­cus on an­ti­que jewel­ry, Mu­ra­no glass from the 11th to 20th cen­tu­ries and pain­tings of Ve­ne­tian land­sca­pes.

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